que não suporta a ideia de ter alguém bisbilhota ndo suas mensagens e sua vida pessoal 94MB Download Grátis: Fiquei com o seu número PDF. I've lost it.:(The only thing in the world I wasn't supposed to lose. My engagement ring. It's been in Magnus's family for three generations. And now the very. Fiquei com seu Numero - I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella Books To .. Remember Me Sophie Kinsella Pdf I Love Reading, Reading Lists, Book Lists.

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Read "Wedding Night A Novel" by Sophie Kinsella with Rakuten Kobo. Remember Me Pdf Book Author: Sophie Kinsella This Book Categories: Adult Novel .. Fiquei com seu Numero - I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella Books To. Fiquei com o seu número. By: Sophie Kinsella suporta a ideia de ter alguém bisbilhotando suas mensagens e sua vida pessoal. Mas. Veja grátis o arquivo Fiquei com o seu número Sophie Kinsella enviado para a disciplina de Leitura Categoria: Outros - Missing: livro | Must.

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TubeMate YouTube Downloader. Download TriMet Tracker Free apk 2. Ipa transittimes delevan robeling transit times for trucks transit times for us mail. It's just a charming, upbeat read for when you want a short story you can finish in a few hours. View all 3 comments. There are moments in life that the white-chocolate Magnum ice cream was invented for, and this is one of them.

How wonderful it is when two people meet and get to know each other! The beginning, the development of a relationship, is always exciting and glamorous. Sophie Kinsella creates very special and genuine circumstances for this romance: Poppy is meddlesome, funny and smart.

Sam is loyal, devoted and gentle. And tall, dark, and handsome. And of course, he is hot I felt some situations were sticky and exaggerated.

At the end, I was a little bit disappointed because I okay… Poppy got only one kiss, and the story was over Originally posted on my blog on June 20, My favorite quotes. View all 26 comments. Apr 02, Lilyan rated it really liked it Shelves: Lilyan's reactions as the book progressed: First there was a lot of: Then, as we got to know Poppy, I thought, "Oh No!

Not another brainless klutz! Why do female authors think ditsy females are cute? They're not! To add to the idiocy, she has no spine. But then, enter Sam: Sam's and Poppy's interactions: Finally, when Poppy starts pulling her shit together: There was a relapse towards the end when she reverted back to being a dumb ass, but le Just what I needed as a break from my WOT Re-read.

There was a relapse towards the end when she reverted back to being a dumb ass, but let's just ignore that! The last scene was just: Oh Sophie, I don't care if your stories lack any sort of depth or intelligence, they will always make me feel giddy. View all 5 comments.

Feb 01, Dija rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Fans of SEP, romance, and humor. Recommended to Dija by: Lately, only two types of books have been appealing to me: I've Got Your Number most definitely falls under the second category. IGYN is funny, sweet, inspirational, romantic, enjoyable, and plain fun. Poppy Wyatt loses her priceless engagement ring mere weeks before her wedding, and her cell phone soon thereafter.

See a Problem?

While searching for the former, she comes across a phone thrown in the trash can. Justifying her actions through the timeless "Finders k Lately, only two types of books have been appealing to me: Justifying her actions through the timeless "Finders keepers" rule, she decides to keep it.

The phone turns out to be company property and the owner, Sam, wants it back. This results in a lot of bickering and bargaining on both parts, and they end up agreeing to "share" the phone for the time being. In spite of the fact that Poppy is a combination of everything I despise in women, I still ended up adoring her. She makes way more mistakes than the average person and doesn't even realize the consequences, almost like a clueless teenager. She runs away from things that are right in front of her face and hates confrontations.

Despite all that, however, there's something entirely sweet and innocent about her, and no matter how hard you try holding on to the hate and annoyance, it keeps slipping because everything else aside, Poppy means well, and manages to at least be funny while messing up.

How could I possibly dislike someone who made me smile and laugh so often? Unexpectedly, Sam is the one who didn't impress me.

He's this perfect, serious, rich, confident man, but none of those characteristics make him stand out against any of the other male leads. It was only during the last few chapters that I grew to love and understand him. It was only then that I realized how amazingly caring and sensitive Sam really is. The love between Sam and Poppy develops slowly but surely since these two are completely different individuals from even more different lives. If the romance had been rushed and fast-paced, I highly doubt it would have come across as a realistic or long-term relationship.

As it happens, though, Sam and Poppy develop into a natural and forever-and-ever type couple, balancing each other out perfectly. All the time. Overall, I've Got Your Number is a delightful read, ideal for all those days you need just a little emotional boost to carry on with your normal routine. I can't wait to read more books by Kinsella!

For more reviews, visit my blog. View all 24 comments.

download do livro fiquei com seu numero pdf viewer

I've lost it. Once upon a time , a clumsy lady Poppy Wyatt comes through the page. She complains to herself which sound like complaining to everyone in the world that she lost her engagement ring!

And his parents are coming in the same day! How is that possible? Stay positive!! I love, love love this, man! This book is soooooo cute that I want everyone to know it. The Story. The Characters. They made me smile like an idiot. So, when Poppy possesses this phone, she invades his personal life, too. She read all his messages Awww… and replies them instead of him with xxxx.

My favorite scenes have to be that scramble scenes! When Poppy plays scramble with her genius really? They are so cute and prefect together and this book has one of the most memorable ending-climax ever. Why I'm not destined to meet a handsome, successful businessman like the way Poppy meet Sam in my real life? Jealous Pang. Read it, man. I highly recommend. View all 68 comments.

Jan 13, Mimi Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: The plot and the situations are often ridiculous and unbelievable, full of crazy coincidences and misunderstandings, the heroines tragically scattered and lost in every way, yet I still love them.

Want to know why? I can never stop laughing while reading Sophie Kinsella books.

At the beginning of the book, our protagonist, Poppy finds out she has lost her ring. I squeeze my eyes tight. Little gray cells. Come on. Do your best. So in a moment of desperation grabs a phone she finds in a bin.

She gives out her new number to all of her friends and pleads Sam to keep it for a while. He agrees and they start sharing a phone. She is nosy, so she reads and responds to some of his e-mails, but just to help him. Yeah, the road to hell is paved… Anyway, we soon find out more about Poppy and her engagement.

I've Got Your Number

Pretty soon she and Sam are texting on a regular basis and things start happening between them, between one disaster and another. I loved Sam and Poppy. I loved their text messages. I was actually going to set apart more quotes, but I was so caught up in the book, I forgot to.

U will get manky teeth!!! A few seconds later the phone bleeps with a reply: I search the Web for the most gross, revolting photo of decaying teeth I can find. The phone almost immediately bleeps with a reply: You made me spill my drink. I giggle and text back: Be afraid!!!!

Stop it. Stop her. Hold it off. Delay it. At least get her to think about it. Let me tell you why.

As a clever man once said: A treasure such as this should not be left in the hands of Philistines. And I hope you will too. Anything you can do. Anything you can say. The wedding is wrong. Thank you. Since I have this book in an electronic form it required constant going back and forth, so I stopped reading them altogether.

download do livro fiquei com seu numero pdf viewer

View all 19 comments. Jul 12, Michelle rated it really liked it. But as I kept on reading, the more I realized what a really clever, funny, and witty book this is. The entertaining domino effect of the loss of an engagement ring makes for an enjoyable romp. Poppy and Sam are both total caricatures, and you could never accuse the plot of being believable. But somehow this book is still utterly addictive and sucks you in.

Sophie Kinsella just kept raising the stakes.

The situations would get stickier and stickier until you are just squirming for the heroine. Then, when you think it can't get any worse… it does!


She and Sam grew on me. Kinsella has a flair for funny, lovable, endearing characters and these two are no exception. I liked how I got to know them more as they correspond back and forth via emails and text, which in the end leads them to finding true love.

The ending is great, and the lengths a certain man would go through in the end to get the girl says it all. There were a few holes in the plot, but I was impressed that the author eventually tied up all those loose strands that were bothering me. Overall, this is a charming story with characters you would love to root for. Sep 07, Trina Between Chapters rated it liked it Shelves: This was utterly ridiculous.

I'm not saying these scenarios could never happen, but I am saying that I didn't have to just suspend my disbelief - I had to launch it into outer space.

But I could not put it down. Welcome to chick-lit with all important footnotes! Rule 1. Our leading lady with a heart of gold is invariably marrying the wrong guy 1. He doesn't truly love her, treat her right etc etc etc Rule 2. There must be a meet-cute to set hearts all a flutter 2 Rule 3. New boy understands girl like no one else before 3 Rule 4. There is A LOT of flirtation without either party realising they're flirting.

They think they're just getting to know a new "friend". I'm not "good enough" for new hot boy 5 Rule 6. In the end the right boy always gets the right girl! We need drama 2 no true love relationship in a rom-com will last unless we get the ridiculously adorable and uniquely memorable first meeting 3 it's fate! Nov 20, Catie rated it really liked it Shelves: Somehow, this author can write essentially the same story, over and over again, and I never get bored of it.

Even just reading the basic synopsis of this book on goodreads, I had a complete picture of what it would be about. Dead now, but there is Russian mirror.

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