jump start soup mate pro logo Logo, Diet Plans, Change, Soup Recipes,. More information 50 soup recipes Yummy Healthy Snacks, Healthy Eating, Appetizer Salads, Creativity, Pasta · Yummy Healthy Cooking by the book · My cooking. Soup Maker Recipes and millions of other books are available for site site. Soup Maker Recipe Book: Delicious & Nutritious Soup Recipes Paperback – October 24, The Skinny Soup Maker Recipe Book: Delicious Low Calorie, Healthy and. Here is the soup recipe i used;. Recipe 3: Spinach Apple Celery Soup I am also feeling good since it actually says on the soup mate book.

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Welcome to my 30 delicious soup maker recipes to cook in the soup machine. As you probably know it was a month ago now that I decided to. If you've ever experienced the joys of a Soup Mate Pro, you'll As soon as I got home I put it together and flicked through the recipe book. 7 Day Soup Diet. The 7 Day Soup Diet is a brand new lifestyle-changing diet program. Cleanse yourself with this new 7 day soup diet E-book and watch yourself.

Loving the product so far!! I made the lamb curry, and the meat was too tough. But it said to put in the basket, I think maybe in the bottom would be better, not sure about this. My unit shows the unlocked sign whenever I try to run it. Can't use it as the sign starts blinking as soon as I try to start a cycle or blend something. Im closing it properly and the jug is put in till I hear a click. What is the issue? That's my only suggestion. Good luck. Thank you for your comment.

The lock symbol generally indicates that something isn't locked into place properly. Please contact our customer care team on to discuss the issue further. Thank you — Tefal Australia facebook. Need manual for this model.

Any help? BL 1 answer Hi Graf, We would be more than happy to email you one or post you one. Please send your details to productreview groupeseb. Thank You - Tefal Australia Hi, I have the older the older soup and go and have bought the new model for my mother, the old recipe book is much better, I was wondering if you could email me a copy of the old version? It was approximately pages whereas the new one is only Gee the older one sounds great, I too would love that one.

Hope you do find one. DeborahHI, I only have the newer one also. Good luck in finding one. Hopefully a Tefal Official can help me out, my mother struggles to eat solid food so the blending function of the soup maker is great, it's a great machine I just need more variety for her to take control of it herself, step by step. View 1 more answer When I try to use my machine it's showing me luck how to unlock that? You just turn the lid to unlock and then turn back to lock. Would not be a good idea to open when it is being used.

Thank you for your question. I don't quite understand what you're asking.

Is there a sign showing on the display? If it is easier, please contact our customer care team on or email productreview groupeseb.

Hi, the tefal soup maker that I bought doesn't come with steam basket. Can I know where can I download the steam basket and how much is it? Probably contact Tefal and see if your model fits a steam basket. Hope this helps. If you downloadd the BL model it won't have the basket included.

They can be downloadd via our authorised service agents, please follow the below link to find your closest agent. I have only used twice and not see any steam coming out of the appliance.

Should I have the measuring cup at the top in place?

I can't see where steam could come from? Not when it is sealed. It is expensive, so hope I don't have any problems like the ones I see here. The only time this should be removed is when you are adding any additional ingredients to the appliance whilst cooking.

There may be no steam releasing during the cooking process this would be normal. Thank You - Tefal Australia My tell soup and co is overflowing during the cooking process. The steam runs up to the small lid and comes out over the bench. The liquid is not at the maximum point and only just at the lower line.

Any ideas? I put mine near the exhaust fan when cooking with it so I do not have condensation running down the wall and on the bench.

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If it is the liquid itself actually over flowing then you possibly have a faulty seal and you need to contact Tefal for a replacement inner section of the lid. Can I use raw chicken and meat in the Tefal soup maker or do I need to precook the meat? Also what cycle should I use for uncooked meat recipes? I tried these recipes first following their instructions and then I adapted them for different meals.

I use the manual mode and set my own times. You can use the blender at any time during the cooking process. The key is to master the recipes from their book so you will understand how to make other things.

You can definitely use Raw Chicken and Meat in this appliance. Thank You - Tefal Australia I have misplaced my user manuals. How can I obtain a new one please? Please email us this request and your delivery address details to productreview groupeseb. The Base of the little parts started looking cracked and started falling off one by one. I've just bought a replacement lid but was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem?

I'm really careful with the washing and I didn't drop it or anything! Since then I have been very careful to rest nothing on this part of the lid. Hi Mafalda, sorry I haven't had this problem, but gee I'm going to really inspect mine when I get home. The seal is still intact and the inner lid has no problem with those small clips. The quoted price at submitting this A. However not sure about lasting "years" as i have discovered in the past 2 uses that a small amount of thin brown clear fluid is being sprayed as spots around the inner top of the motor base and the underside of the removable jug.

They couldnt tell me if my product was still safe to use, which was disappointing. So I am wondering if anyone else has had this too and also to keep posted as I may have second hand parts available in future! I only downloadd one month ago and it doesnt stop beeping.

We do not have the stock above the max limit. I tried again tonight and it is steaming around the seal. Too scared to use.

What is the problem and how can i fix this? Bought my appliance at myer 3 answers Have you got the seal in the lid properly? The lid has four parts, the center part that comes out for adding ingredients, the inner part of lid and the seal that fits around this bit. Check that everything is seated properly.

I find the inner bit with the seal snaps into outer bit. Sorry I don't have better descriptor terms. Finally the whole lid has to be in right or you get beeps.

Hope that helps. You may have to contact Tefal. Hi make sure it's clicked in properly.

The other thing it could be is that the lid is not secure try that if it's still doing the same thing take it back. They were happy to replace mine straight away. Thank you for your help.

Hi where can I download the recipe book for my tefal soup and co soup maker? In this recipe we have cracked it! If there is a French onion soup that you must try it has to be French Onion Soup.

It is absolutely delicious and full of French flavours. If you were serving this up I am sure you would get some gratitude from all your Julia Childs fans. This recipe is based on my childhood holidays in France and my love for French food.

I have to say right now that I am an addict when it comes to Mediterranean food. Growing up with holidays in France, Spain, Portugal and Greece means that it is always right on the brain and now living in Portugal it is the food of choice.

In this recipe I will be sharing with you my favourite Mediterranean veggie soup so that you can try it at home and feel like you are on holiday in Spain. Okay so the cabbage soup is often just associated with the cabbage soup diet. This particular version is full of local Portuguese flavours and the Portuguese are addicts when it comes to soup. Take the leftovers from your roast dinner, Christmas or even Thanksgiving and throw them all in the soup machine.

Heat up and blend and then you then have a delicious creamy soup that will remind you of Christmas. This is exactly what we did over Christmas and we even made some extra batches for the freezer.

Instead of eating way more than you should on Christmas Day instead save some extras and have this soup the day after. Or if you have loads of leftovers freeze it. This is my first ever deconstructed soup. By deconstructed what we are talking about is to take the ingredients from a traditional dish and turn them into a soup. In our broccoli gratin we would normally have broccoli, cauliflower for making the sauce cheese, coconut milk and a few other things.

And this is now brought to life in this soup. Dominic who is not a soup addict loves this one and he said it was like a luxury broccoli soup! You are adding all the green style vegetables and salad bits that you would normally associate with doing a juice diet.

It will then make you feel amazing and give your body what it needs. You could of course also have this as a way to get your five a day! Now this came to me after the recipe that I did for 13 and it was all about what else I could deconstruct. This time I had a go with a salad. I thought to myself how nice tomatoes, peppers, celery, onions and other salad things are in a soup. And lets face it most of us hate a plain salad. But put it into a soup and then all these flavours come alive.

Plus if you have teenagers that hate salad then this a new way to introduce salad to them. I know this is really bad, but this is the first Christmas ever that I have made soup from my turkey leftovers.

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But I thought this year is the year that I am going to try something new. So with the help of some leftover vegetables, turkey and some tasty turkey stock I have an awesome turkey soup.

I also have a secret method for making this to make it taste even better! Did someone mention parsnip soup? Well if you did then I am in!!! I love parsnips and in a soup is even better.

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Parsnips are hard to come by here in Portugal and are only usually available in the build up to Christmas so when I get them I always cherish them! This parsnip soup was thanks to some leftover parsnips in the supermarket and is super tasty and so creamy.

Morocco is just over the sea from us here in Portugal. Therefore there is a really big African influence. Many of the Portuguese go on holiday to Africa and many Africans move to Portugal for work. This has led to a big following in people eating Moroccan food and no wonder with how tasty the food is.

In this recipe I will be sharing with you a traditional Moroccan carrot soup so expect to be transformed into perfect Moroccan cuisine. This is like heaven from Greece. I had a lot of holidays to the Greek isles when I was growing up.

But the best bit for me was the food. Lots of hearty soups and stews and the staple was always the lemon chicken. So I put this recipe together to take myself back to Greece and enjoy some European food that should never be forgotten. I grew up with it and I loved the combo of seasonal vegetables and small amounts of pasta. In this recipe though I use a different type of pasta and it really makes it feel like a modern pasta soup. It is also easy to change so that you can add your favourite flavours depending on your favourite foods.How can I obtain a new one please?

It is also easy to change so that you can add your favourite flavours depending on your favourite foods. View 1 more answer Have had a Tefal soup maker for almost three years and have not used for 6 months as the jug started to leak into the base and I was afraid it would be far too dangerous to operate. Today you can enjoy classic recipes that took hundreds of years to perfect and were passed down from generation to generation with the revolutionary Soup Maker Pro machine!

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