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This article will provide substantial background information from acupuncture concepts and clinical practice before I comment. In most therapeutic methods, there are prescriptions what to do and dosage how much to do. For example, how often to take how many milligrams of penicillin. In TFT we select which points to tap and determine how many times to tap on each. In acupuncture, the prescription is the selection of points needled.

In addition, a treatment appointment may include two or more sets of points treated in sequence. For example, points on the front of the body might be inserted and retained for a time. Then these are removed and it might be necessary to treat another set of Callahan Techniques, Ltd. The dosage of acupuncture has many factors, including: how long to retain the needles in the body, the angle of insertion, the depth of insertion, and the stimulation to be applied to the acu-point.

Most Westerners who have never been treated by acupuncture naively assume that simply sliding the needle under the skin is the whole story. Far from it! Sometimes just gently and nearly imperceptibly inserting a needle will create a sufficient neurological stimulus.

Although some acupuncture lineages dispute it, many authorities assert that at times acupuncture must be felt or even sting to be effective. Many Western acupuncturists strive to limit their patients discomfort, but this may also slow the therapeutic response.

To see skillful needle manipulation, follow the link provided to watch on Youtube one of my Chinese teachers treating poststroke paralysis. By the way, this twenty-year-old video was originally published on videotape in bilingual stereo. That format means one of the audio channels is in Chinese while the other is in English. You can take off one earphone or use audio balance controls to hear just one language.


Also of importance to know is that the malfunction of the Channels is more complicated than what is taught in the Applied Kinesiology textbooks that I have examined cover to cover. They accurately list and chart the Chinese acu-point maps. They imply that treating a point opens it, like flicking an electrical switch on or off. Some books discuss that the Qi can be deficient or excess in a meridian. But in professional level Traditional Chinese Medicine, beyond the amount of Qi flowing in the meridian, there is a science of the pathogens that afflict the Channels and the development and stages of diseases.

Since the Qi is a substance, it can be in good condition or it can be otherwise. For example, it can get too hot or too cold or too damp or too dry. Also, the Qi can be afflicted by pathogenic disease-causing influences. One of many classes of Pathogens is retained emotions that disrupt the flow of Qi. The Chinese perspective is that the presence of the needle causes a response in the Qi that flows in the Channels.

Qi is a technical term in both Chinese medicine and philosophy.

The word deserves to be capitalized to emphasize that it is not an English word. Also Channels is a more accurate translation of the Chinese term jing-luo than the commonly used meridian.

The Qi flows in the major and minor Channels, just as water flows in the plumbing of a building. We must think of Qi as something fluidlike that is contained by the Channels, rather than a beam of light or energy that flashes around following a meridian, which sounds like a thin line on a map. Also, there are many types of Qi that must be differentially diagnosed, assessed, and treated.

Qi is not an amorphous, undifferentiated cloud of something or other.

It is an anatomic and functional component of the human body, mind and spirit. Giovanni Maciocia, a prominent author of English language textbooks who is fluent in Chinese, emphasizes that Qi is a substance. Callahan observed the phenomenon of persistent, unpleasant emotional information disrupting the functioning of the Qi in the human body.

The experimental confirmation of this disruption is that during muscle testing the client cannot maintain a locked muscle while thinking of the problem. Needing a word for this class of Qi Pathogens, he termed them the perturbations. In essence, when you treat a client with TFT, you are eliminating perturbations that are encoded in the particular thought field associated with the problem on which the person is focusing. A perturbation P is defined as a subtle, but clearly isolable aspect of a thought field that is responsible for triggering and controlling all negative emotions.

My conclusion is that Dr. Callahans concept of the perturbation is entirely compatible with and parallel to Traditional Chinese Medicines concept of Pathogenic Emotional Qi that is retained in the Channels. In another article I will pursue what acupuncture theory and practice illuminates about dosage in terms of the number of taps.

For this article, the focal question is: since most meridians come in pairs, is it sufficient or not to tap just the treatment point on one side of the body? It is certainly more convenient to just tap one point with one hand. More background information is needed before answering this question. A key principle in acupuncture and acupressure treatment is that the more pathogenic Qi is in the meridian, the more the selected point or points must be drained.

Other common translations are dispersed or sedated. Nearby in this article is a photo I took in during training in a Beijing hospital. It will illustrate this clinical concept. In the photo you will see the doctor holding his gathered fingertips above the handle of the needle in the Pericardium-6 acu-point in a patients right forearm.

He is feeling the flow of Pathogenic Qi leaving the patients body. When the flow ceases, that is the end of the treatment.

To remove the needle too soon will leave Pathogenic Qi in the body. Note that the matching point is needled on the other arm as well.

Not to have needled both arms would require the Pathogenic Qi deposited in one arm to move all the way to the other arm where it might exit at the single puncture site.

Leaving Pathogenic Qi in the Channel would be analogous to leaving a perturbation in the thought field by not tapping enough, which is experienced by the client as the SUD not going to zero or one. The more distress or trauma, the more tapping on more locations is likely to be needed. Of course, sometimes a very intense distress is a simple case meaning only one treatment point is needed. The perception of Pathogenic Qi at acu-points is a trainable skill that all medical students including we foreigners at that teaching hospital were expected to master.

It was not a psychic gift or miraculous attainment. Similarly in TFT, muscle testing and Voice Technology are teachable methods with repeatable findings. The photo illustrated the method of expelling Pathogenic Qi by piercing a Channel. Another technique to clear a Channel is to stimulate one end so that the Pathogens are forced out the other end. It is like repeatedly pumping a plumbers plunger over a blocked sink or toilet to get the fluids moving.

That method is used in TFT when we tap the end points of Channels. As a trained observer of the Qi, when I started treating with TFT, I perceived that when the patient was tuned to the relevant thought field, the tapping quickly expelled copious amounts of retained emotional Pathogenic Qi from the body. The clients experience was disappearance of the subjective distress.

In TFT terminology, the perturbation collapsed. Be assured, the TFT practitioner does not need training in perceiving the Qi. At long last, let us consider whether to tap on one or both treatment points of paired Channels. We all know that relief can certainly be attained with tapping on just one side.

Dermato Mag

But is that the best, quickest or most thorough procedure? For example, the Collarbone Point is the Kidney acu-point. So please picture two roughly parallel irrigation ditches on a farm. There is murky, stale, useless, perturbed water in these irrigation channels, which have some interconnections and junctions with each other and with other channels that irrigate other parts of the field.

Fresh water cannot flow into these ditches until the stale water drains away. You are the farmer who takes a shovel to the end of one ditch and starts moving the water as if rowing a boat. This action generates waves and eventually current which spreads along the ditch and even moves through the connections with other ditches to get them moving.

First the ditch you are rowing on moves and clears. The murky water gets pushed downstream and fresh water enters the ditch from a source upstream. Then the adjacent ditch also moves and clears. Even some other ditches move and clear. That result is what the farmer wants.

That benefit is what happens when we tap on just one point. The input to just one point can clear Pathogenic Qi perturbation that might be on the other side of the body.

In TFT this whole body result is attributed to the non-local properties of the thought field. Yet now further imagine you have a co-worker who is at an end of the other ditch and pumps that one to get it moving simultaneously with your shoveling efforts on the first ditch.

At any rate, that is what I find when treating with TFT and what I observe in clients who tap on themselves. I invite you to make comparisons in treatments on yourself or your clients. In conclusion I offer you these images: Tapping on the TFT treatment points is like pumping away a contaminated fluid. When the Pathogenic Emotional Qi Perturbation is removed, the client is relieved. Reference Notes: In my series of articles seeking to illuminate aspects of Thought Field Therapy, I cite prominent English-language acupuncture sources to demonstrate that I am presenting accepted facts and concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine, not a speculative or personal interpretation.

This article does not have footnotes to specific pages of reference works. The following list is a sample of books used in American acupuncture schools. Ted Kaptchuk. Cheng Xinnong, editor. Or more recent editions Giovanni Maciocia. This disc is the source of the chart cited in this article. There is a printed edition of this text. Paul U. Shi Xue-min.

The more Channels you clear simultaneously, the faster is relief attained. Those are my words, not hers. At first, and for many years I was a skeptic of this tapping. My mom would offer me a treatment when I felt afraid or worried or sick, and Id usually turn it down because it felt like my mom was telling me to do something. So she stopped offering. After a few years I started asking for treatments, thought I should at least try it since my Mom was a TFT practitioner and it was right there.

And then over the last ten years Ive seen TFT work mini-miracles with me and with many other people, people that had no idea what TFT was so regularly that Im a believer.

I want my job guiding the retreats to be as easy as possible. And usually, because we are talking about big life stuff, at some point guests get in a funk or get fearful the past arises, the old ways arise, and do not want to die and TFT is a way of very quickly moving through anything you dont want.

Do you want to spaz out for five minutes or five hours or five days or five years? If you want, TFT can help you just spaz out for 5 minutes. Ive seen this happen dozens of times. So make sure you give Lianne at least a hug and a thank you.

Also, one of the purposes of the retreat is to share with people HOW my life has changed so much. How did I do it? How did my life get so amazing? Im not bragging here, its just a fact, its amazing. Well one of the many almost daily practices I do is minutes of TFT. So to have integrity I gotta share it with my guests. An easy and affordable way to get private help. Weve set aside a limited number of sessions to work privately with those who want to get a highly focused minute consultation.

In this private session, Joanne Callahan will lead you through the individual tapping sequences for your specific challenge or problems. This is a great opportunity to work with the co-developer of TFT on a one-on-one basis, to get your personal tapping sequence that youll be able to rely on for long-term relief.

Click here for more details. Holiday Specials: These two packages allow everyone the opportunity to help themselves and others, whether thru learning how and where to tap, or, by having a private consultation and receiving customized tapping sequences for your own specific challenges. Healing Myself and Family: Family Consultation Package 3 private consultation sessions that can be shared among the entire family in any combination. By Roger J. Earl Mindell. This Boot Camp is hands-on training, practice and live demonstrations.

Attendees have the chance to work on personal issues and many experience resolution of these issues during the weekend. This material allows you to diagnose and determine the precise sequence of tapping required to quickly help most psychological problems and daily stresses.

CEs available. Furthermore stress the consequences wn these unrealized plans for the transformation and grow of the rest of the city. The seminars will be devoted to the most emblematic books of the gravvagnuolo considered fields of knowledge, and will be developed through debates associated to readings.

The construction of the new river front endorsed the reform of the main city entrance, the construction of a new bridge and a square, the enlargement of the Main Street and the construction of a boulevard by the river. Historia del urbanismo en Europa: Few years after, the riverfront and the image of Coimbra were once more reconfigured to implant the new train station and a new train line to the interior of Portugal, increasing the embankment 38 meters into the river.

Object of it will be the most advanced tendencies, paradigms, theories, authors grvagnuolo books.

neurologia jj zarranz pdf

Coimbra was a middle size city nevertheless, until the beginning of the twenty century, it was the settlement of the only Portuguese University, fact that gave the city a huge importance not only within the country but also in the empire.

You is going to implement this ebook, i eel downloads as a pdf, site, word, txt, ppt, rar and zip. Hall, Peter, Cities of tomorrow. Urban studies and social sciences during the 20th century. After several attends to minimize recurrent floods, only the development of science and technology during the nineteen century made possible the construction of a new river bank and consequently a set of reform projects planning a new regular and wealthy neighbourhood.

Newer Post Older Post Home. It is a generalist course oriented to postgraduate students interested in the field of urban studies. You can relish interpreting this book while spent your free time. Urbano, Abel Dias Projeto para os novos arruamentos da cidade baixa.

This book really gives you good thought urbanismmo will very influence for the readers future. The solution was the construction of a new bank planned and executed by the state engineers but partial paid by the municipality. How to get thisbook? Download Historia del urbanismo en Europa Arquitectura.Neurologia - Slideshare ; 12 Sep The more Channels you clear simultaneously, the faster is relief attained. How to get thisbook? I invite you to make comparisons in treatments on yourself or your clients.

One of many classes of Pathogens is retained emotions that disrupt the flow of Qi. CEs available.

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