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Firelight book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers . A hidden truth. Mortal enemies. Doomed love. Marked as special at an e. Firelight has 14 entries in the series. cover image of Firelight - Chica de fuego · Firelight - Chica de fuego. Firelight (Series). Sophie Jordan Author (). Firelight (): Sophie Jordan: Books. pages; Publisher: HarperCollins; 1 edition (September 7, ); Language: English.

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Fury on Fire - A Devil's Rock Novel

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Hidden: A Firelight Novel by Sophie Jordan

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Com Com: adoring Jordan. I step down. Standing there, I force the change. With my emotions high, body f lushed and tingly in reaction to Will, it doesnt take long. I manifest quickly, my skin snapping tight, my wings pushing free with a faint crackle on the air.

Will gazes at me a moment, his admiration evident. It winds through me, melts me inside to see that he still can look at me, in my draki form, appreciatively.

Just like he did the first time he saw me. Like Im something beautiful and not the creature his family hunts. Its a helpful boost to my confidence as Im about to face the hazy bogeymen of my childhoodthe enkrosthe ones who send the hunters after my kind. At last their faces will be revealed to me. A tight, shuddery breath ripples through me. Will quickly but gently ties my wrists, and then my 4 wings. He avoids my eyes as he works, as though he cant bear to do this to me.

I feel the change come over Cassian as he turns. Doubt radiates from him as Im bound like a captive before his very eyes.

Will looks up at my face as he helps me back into the van. I offer a smile. It feels weak, and forced, so I let the smile slip away and just communicate with my eyes. This is right. Then I turn, positioning my back to him.

So he cant see my face anymore. So I dont see his and back down. I feel him wait, hesitate behind me just as I feel the waves of gnawing worry roll off Cassian. But I dont look back. Not for either of them. I cant. If I look, Im afraid that I will cave, crumple into the little girl that quaked under the covers as Az whispered stories in the dark of the enkros and the terrible things they do to the draki they capture. We have no way of knowing for sure because none of those draki ever return home.

Finally, Will pushes the doors shut on me, sealing me in. I turn. For a moment, I press my trembling hands to the cold metal and hold them there, as if I can somehow reach him, feel him on the other side. Not Cassian. A moment later doors slam as Will and Cassian climb in up front. Then were moving. The van rumbles all around me. I find a place to sit on the grimy f loor and hug myself tightly, my stomach in knots. The bumpy ride strips away some of my courage.

Its all so familiar that I question my sanity in volunteering to go through this again. The back of the van feels claustrophobic. Little air. No space to move. And Im crippled. Hobbled like in my worst nightmares. My mind sticks on this, fastens on the memory of the last time I was a captive in a van like this. Last time. Its the reason Im here, after all. I take small sips of air, fighting for calm and promising myself that Im in control this time.

Shaking my head, I swipe tangled strands of hair from my face and try to keep my balance as we take a sharp turn.

Vanish: A Firelight Novel

I make a mental list of the differences to steady my nerves. I trust the drivers. They have my back. I know where were goingIve seen our destination. And Im not in pain this time.

At least not physically. But Im also by myself. No Miram. Miram is who were doing this forwho were saving. To be honest, shes only partly why Im here. This has become something bigger, something more for me. A quest for truth. Will knows it. I dont think Tamra realizes, or even Cassian, but Will knows this is about finding answers. Finding Dad. The van slows and stops. I hold my breath, air puffing from my lips and nose like fog. Its not deliberate. I cant help itI am this: a creature that breathes fire.

Right now 6 emotion rules me, making it especially hard to be anything else. Was I kidding Will when I said this would work?

Deluding myself? All of this rises inside me in a wash of char and cinder, ready to burst free in f lame and fire. Voices carry from outside my tin box. In moments Ill be on my own among the enkros. Just as planned. I wait, muscles tense and vibrating beneath my draki skin. My wings pull against their binding. Will did a good job. I couldnt break free if I wanted to.

And I dont. Thats not the plan. The plan is for me to play the role of a believable captive. For a moment, I think of my sister alone in the motel room, waiting for the guys to return.

She smiled when we parted ways, but the smile didnt reach her eyes.

It wasnt in her heart. Moisture gleamed in her frost-colored gaze and I know she broke down and cried as soon as we left. Tamra was against this whole scheme as soon as I proposed it. Even after I persuaded Will and Cassian she continued to object. As the bindings dig into my f lesh, cutting off my circulation, I shove aside thoughts of Tamra and my rising worries. With fresh resolve, I fix my gaze on the vans back doors and wait.

Voices ride the air and I think I recognize the muff led sound of Wills voice. Or it could just be that I want to hear him so much, so badly. Cassian is there. I dont need to hear him to sense that. I can feel him. As I wait in shadow, his anger hits me like 7 a fist, swift and fierce. He must be face-to-face with them now. A hissing breath escapes between my teeth as his rage suffuses me in a cold so deep it freeze-burns me to the marrow of my bones.

To combat this, I reach into myself for what I know what I am. Heat swells up inside me, smolders a path up my windpipe to war with Cassians icy fury. Theres a clang and the scrape of metal on metal. I snap my gaze straight ahead, watching as the door opens. Light f loods my metal-walled cage and I lift my bound hands to shield my eyes.

I peer through the cracks in my fingers and spot Will, looking relaxed and at ease, giving nothing away. At least outwardly. A muscle f lickers, feathers the f lesh of his jaw, signaling his tension to me even as he motions to me with his hand. There she is, boys. Cassian lingers a few feet behind him with several others lab-coated individuals who peer at me with deep, measuring eyes.

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This sight jars me. I couldnt have prepared for it. Standing with them. The irony isnt lost on me. A ridiculous urge to laugh bubbles up in my throat. I force myself to focus. The van is backed in through some kind of garage door.

A long narrow corridor of dull white stretches out before me. A single steel door waits at the far end. Theres no possibility of escape to the outside world, to the sky.

Not that Im here to escape. Not yet anyway. One of the lab coats steps forward. He holds a prod with a loop around the end. Before I realize what hes doing, he 8 drops the stiff circle around my bound hands and cinches it tight, dragging me from the van with a rough yank. I catch only a glimpse of the mans determined eyes, so pale a blue they seem colorless, before I plunge from the van and hit the cold f loor.

Landing on my shoulder, I cry out from the painall the while marveling that these men should appear so ordinary in their lab coats. Like doctors or researchers and not the secret menace thats shadowed my life for so long. A fresh wave of Cassians rage sweeps over me. I shudder and try to shake it off.

Hidden: A Firelight Novel by Sophie Jordan

Its debilitatingmakes me want to fight, to unleash all that I am on these enkros. And I cant. A sound escapes Will. Something between a grunt and a growl. When I glance up, my gaze collides with his. His hands f lex at his sides. Hes barely restraining himself. I give the barest shake of my head, hoping to communicate that he should hold himself in check. They should go. I know this has to be killing them both and I cant risk either one of them showing the slightest sign that theyre affected by my treatment.

Get up! The guy yanks on the prod, and the binding cuts into my wrists so deeply Im convinced if I dont move I might lose my hands. Glaring at him, Im struck by the dispassion in those pale blue eyes. Theres nothing therenot even what I expected. None of the venom, none of the malice. Because hes unbothered. He believes hes doing the right thing. Look at her, one of the lab coats exclaims. Im almost tempted to look down at myself to see what hes talking about. Theres a rustle of quick, panicked movements, and then my mouth is sealed with duct tape before I even have time to react.

I guess they know enough to know what I am. What I can do. The lab coat stands back. That will do for now, until shes processed. She wont be lighting anyone up. Smothered, I grunt. My gaze swings wildly, searching for Will, needing to see him again, just once more before Im taken away and processed. Another hard yank, and I scramble to my feet. Im pulled forward quickly down the corridor, past the others.

Caged bulbs of light emit a merciless yellow. Im moving. I cant see Will or Cassian anymore. But Cassians fear and frustration still reach me.

The blistering ice of those emotions wash over me. I look over my shoulder for a final glimpse of them. Cassian stands statue still, staring after me. Will is talking to one of the lab coats.

His gaze slides to me once, brief ly, and then away. He looks unusually pale, his hand chafing at the side of his neck as if there were something there he could rub out.

Then I reach the end of the hall. Were through the door and I cant see Will anymore. There is only what lies ahead of me now. They hold themselves distant from me, hugging tight to the walls, weapons at the ready. Even with my mouth taped, its reassuring that they still consider me dangerous.

I feel the absence of Will and Cassian as keenly as a knifes blade. Even as my heart longs for Will, its Cassians void I feel more intensely as his cold rage fades, departing with him. And its not just his rage I lose. His concern, his worry and fear. All that evaporates like smoke into the air. Now its just me with my feelings, but at least I no longer have to muddle through my emotions and struggle to separate whats me and whats Cassian. I dont need to fake my fear as Im led into the bowels of the stronghold.

Im not sure what I expected. Either way, the white walls and brightly glowing ceiling arent it. The tiled f loor is chilly and smooth under my bare feet, and while I usually prefer the cold, I shiver. This is no cool forest f loor soft with pine needles and yielding soil. The sterile f loor is hard and lifeless beneath me. We approach a door that slides open silently from ceiling to f loor. I blink at the sudden glare of the room before me. As my eyes adjust to the light, my throat constricts at the sight that greets me.

A long observation table stretches before several cells. They all have Plexiglas fronts with three plain white walls. All shapes, sizes, and colors. I dont get an exact count. Maybe ten all together. Its too much to take in and I cant move. Im jabbed in the back so hard that I stagger. The lab coat in front of me shouts, his lips twisting in a snarl as he jerks on my wrists and pulls me up the moment before I fall to my knees. Pain lances through the joints in my shoulders.

The plastic ties tighten, cutting off my circulation. I really am an animal to them. Less than that. A touch of disgust lurks in their eyes, but also a hint of fascination.

For all that Im a beast to them, Im similar enough to them to creep them out. If I were just a simple animal, a common creature of the forest, they would treat me with more kindness and courtesy. But Im not. Im this alien thing to them, some freak they view as an anomaly even though my ancestors, dragons, have been here longer than man. My heart beats a wild rhythm in my chest as Im shoved forward into the wide room.

I quickly scan each cell, not absorbing any draki individually in my search for Miram. I spot her. My nostrils f lare with excited breath to see her alive. She lies curled on her side, her tan, nondescript skin dull, not as vibrant as any of her neighbors. Her eyes are closed and her hair trails over the f loor, lank and bland, like dried wheat. I shout to her in our draki tongue. Despite the tape 12 covering my mouth, I make a lot of noise. Several draki lift their heads in my direction. But she doesnt react.

Not even a f licker of her eyes. I scream against my gag, saying her name over and over. Her eyes f lutter open, and I think shes heard me. She even looks in my direction. Then, no. Her lids close again. I def late inside. Its like she doesnt care. Or maybe she cant process its me. Maybe shes been drugged. Who knows what theyve done to her. Then I can no longer see her because Im led to an empty cell.

The Plexiglas slides open and Im thrust inside. Several lab coats follow me. They stick me with a new prod and this one jolts me with an electrical current. I drop, dead weight, choke on a scream. They make quick work of unbinding my wings and wrists as I twitch on the cold f loor, able to see and feel but unable to control my movements. In short, hell. They leave the duct tape over my mouth, but I lack the strength to rip it free.

All of them leave my cell except one. He lingers, staring at me with mild interest. My pulse stutters against my neck as I endure his scrutiny, knowing he can do anything to me and I cant lift a finger to help myself. He bends down and strokes my arm with a slow drag of fingers that makes my stomach twist sickly. Scalding bile rises to the back of my throat. Another lab coat appears behind him.

Cmon, Lewis. Lewis shakes his head, musing, This one sure has pretty 13 skin. He watches me with cold curiosity. Yeah, and she breathes fire, so if I were you, Id get out of here until weve studied her properly and know how to deal with this particular dragon. Remember the stories from those hunters who last captured a fire-breather? Think this is the same one? Doesnt matter. My point is she escaped them. Dont underestimate this one. Now, cmon.

The lab coat dispensing advice moves away. Lewis continues to watch me, his head cocked at an angle. But you cant do anything right now, can you? Youre harmless.

His hand glides over my belly. He palms my f lesh leisurely before his fingers grab and pinch me, twisting my skin with swift savagery. How does it feel to be defenseless? Youre at our mercy now. Theres no escape. After a long moment, he gives a satisfied nod and releases me.

See you later. He steps back several paces until the Plexiglas slides shut between us. Alone, I lie still and press my trembling lips shut. Its all I can do not to scream. The effects of the electric jolt gradually fade from my limbs and I clutch my knees close to my chest, staring vaguely at the enkros moving back and forth outside my cell. Is this what happened to Dad? Was he here?

I didnt have time to see much before they forced me into the cell. If I called out Magnus, would he answer me? The ghostly, white-coated figures shuff le around, preoccupied with their tasks.

Minutes pass before I feel ready to move again. Uncurling, I push up with my palms, my muscles trembling from the effort. I catch a voice, a draki whispering softly from somewhere to my right. I strain to hear beyond the faint clicking of 15 computer keys and the hum of human voices at the observation table. Two enkros sit there, looking up occasionally. Sometimes at me, sometimes at the other cells. I would bet someone sits there at all times, watching, studying us for anything the cameras in the corners might miss.

I hate this. That I can never make a move without being noticed. I begin to piece together the words drifting through the wall. Its a female draki, and I cant help but wonder if she isnt a little insane. Who knows how long shes been here. How long any of them have been captives.

I shiver and quickly remind myself that I only have to survive one day. I can do this. Twenty-four hours and Will and Cassian will come for me.

This reminder worksbrings me back to my purpose. I rise, ignore the eyes watching me, the camera lens recording my every move. My fingers grasp the edges of the duct tape covering my mouth and peel it free in one burning rip. I wince and drag in air through my tender lips. I call hoarsely at first, then again, firmer, beating the glass with the f lat of my palm. The enkros watch me, but I ignore them, knowing that they cant understand me.

Miram, its me, Jacinda! Dont worry, Miram. Im here to rescue you. Just the girl next door to me muttering her endless mantra. I stop myself from shouting at her to shut up. Please say something. Cassian sent me. Hes here, too. Just outside. Were here to get you out! I thought the mention of her brother would rouse her as nothing else could. Thats why I came in. Aside from being here so Cassian can locate us via his connection to me, Im here to warn Miram.

With these urgent thoughts in my mind, I press on. I have to try. Miram, I shout. You dont have to answer me, but be ready. Were busting you out of here. In the next twentyfour hours, were escaping. Be ready for it. Laughter carries from the cell to my left. Draki laughter.

The lab coats on duty seem fascinated by the growling bursts of sound. They fall into a f lurry of activity, documenting the strange sounds. Of course. They probably havent heard much laughter within these walls. The sound grates.

I press my hands against the wall I share with the laughing draki. Whats so funny? I hiss. The laughter only continues. I cover my hands over my ears. Enough already! Suddenly the laughter stops. I lift my hands. For a moment, I think I wont be answered; then suddenly the guttural tones of a male draki scrape the air.

That you think youll ever get out of here alive. That I find highly amusing. At these words my bravado wavers. I manage to snatch 17 it back and demand through the wall, So what? You dont have any hope at all? Youve just quit? Accepted your lot in here? No, I havent quit. He sounds indignant now. Better that than the draki on the other side of me that sounds half mad with incessant whispering.

Im just trying to stay sane and alive down here. The friend youre callingMiram? She gave up a long time ago. I shake my head. Youre content to live out your days here? Its living. Were breaking out of here, I vow. Just watch. The grating laughter returns. Well, if that happens, Ill be close on your heels. I lower back to the cold f loor, resting my legs that still feel as insubstantial as jelly.

I eye what I can see of the room on the other side of the Plexiglas: the long observation desk, various cameras positioned at every corner. The few enkros in the room talk in low voices. They seem to be in the process of deciding something. One lab coat glances at his watch and motions to all of us lined up in our cells.

Another lab coat looks at me pointedly and shakes his head, clearly disagreeing about something. I lean to the side until my shoulder touches the Plexiglas. I try to decipher their muff led voices, sure that whatever theyre talking about has to do with me. I need to be ready. More enkros arrive, and the ones behind the observation 18 table practically bow and scrape before them.

Im taking it all in, when another draki speaks, her young voice carrying from a couple cells over. If they dont get you, the gray one will. She sounds just like a child, I think, angling my head. What do you mean? If the enkros dont finish you, then he will.

She pronounces he like I should understand her meaning. The gray one. Whos the gray one? Oh, hes mean. Hes been here longer than any of us.

She makes a sniffing sound. Probably why hes so nasty.

You gotta stay away from him. What is he? Ive never heard of a gray draki before. He must possess a talent I dont know about. Instead of fear, excitement quivers through me. Its not something I considered coming here. Too many other thoughts consumed me. You better hope you dont find out. Just stay out of his way. Im about to ask when I would supposedly meet this drakiwere kept in these cells, after allwhen a low siren begins to ring and a f lashing red light suffuses the room.It seems somehow sacrilegious.

Go, go, go, go pants from my lips in an endless mantra. Will I read the next one? Even with my mouth taped, its reassuring that they still consider me dangerous. Not really.

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Or maybe hes just too strong to care? Who knows how long shes been here. So as I started reading Vanish, I told myself: "OK, I'm just going to enjoy this story for what it is instead of trying to turn it into something its not. If I look, Im afraid that I will cave, crumple into the little girl that quaked under the covers as Az whispered stories in the dark of the enkros and the terrible things they do to the draki they capture.

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