FIT FOR LIFE-THE DIAMOND METHOD. The basic foundation of natural hygiene is that the body is always striving for health and that it achieves this by. Fit-For-Life - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book When Harvey Diamond asked me to review the Fit for Life manuscript. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Coauthor of the bestselling Fit for Life, Diamond here advocates a lifelong diet composed of 50% raw (living) food.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "It is not only what you eat that makes the difference, download Fit For Life: Read Books Reviews - Fit for Life (FFL) is a diet and lifestyle book series stemming from the principles of orthopathy. It is promoted mainly by the American writers Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Fit for Life book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers . Nutrition specialists Harvey and Marilyn Diamond prove that it's not.

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Everything in life is regulated by natu- ral physical law. The weight you lose on this program will be gone forever! You can't blow this system! It is a life-style. I would eat them. Every program that ever came down the pike. There were a couple of reasons that his statement so destroyed me. I was desperate. I would revert to my old eating habits and go right back to my old weight. During a time of my life when I should have been active and vibrant.

At that same time in my life my father died at a young age. I would try. If it called for nothing but eggs and cheese for thirty days. And I would lose weight. I was nearly fifty pounds overweight. When I finally reached that much-dreaded two-hundred-pound mark and then passed it.

About the Author:

I always found that no matter how much weight I had lost. Ignorance of those laws does not excuse anyone from the consequences of their nonapplication or the breaking of those laws. I would lose the weight. I would do it. I hadn't been fat as a kid. If it called for nothing but celery and hamburger patties for thirty days. But what frustrated me more was that I had been making a career out of dieting. Joy Gross. If you have ever done any dieting. But after I was released from the Air Force in my early twenties.

I had already put that weight back on. For one. In his youth he had been a boxer and a longshoreman. Apply them to your life! Reward yourself abundantly with a youthful. This statement affected me as if someone had taken a big steel pot. Soon after his death I awoke one night in a fever of fear. I was certain that I was doing a fantastic job of cleverly concealing my girth with some very stylish. When he died he weighed under one hundred pounds.

I began to struggle with a weight problem that just wouldn't quit. As soon as the ordeal was over I would run out of the house like a scalded cat to end my deprivation.

It was a terrible drawn-out ordeal. About seventeen years ago a very close friend of mine said in a mo- ment of anger. This fear was the impetus for my turning point. My subsequent studies showed me that anytime you're carrying around an extra fifty pounds. I always seemed to muster the energy necessary to eat.

He also was over two hundred pounds. I was prepared to throw down my ever-present Big Mac and Coke and commit myself to the resurrec- tion of my body. Removing my shirt at the beach was always a traumatic ordeal. I had no energy left except to eat and feel sorry for myself. I had these problems too. When I made it through my workday. My dad had frequent colds. In the heat of my enthusiasm and with great resolve I plunged dramatically into a series of diets that promised to take the weight off for good.

When my father died I felt not only sorry for myself. I did my first diet. After a considerable amount of frustration and disappointment I came to realize that.

I didn't participate in sports or so- cial activities. A lack of energy was his constant complaint. My fear of dying young coupled with my desire not to be referred to as "Blimpo" propelled me at last to a determined course of action.

When else do people deprive and discipline themselves for days. And as if this experience isn't frustrating enough. It's like running out and locking your garage after someone has driven off in your car. These dieters are draining themselves mentally. It's too late. And this frequent. Diet schemes are an extremely. The "remedy" for these indulgences is usually deprivation. What exactly is a diet. People indulge themselves and indulge themselves until they can't look at themselves in the mirror or until their clothes no longer fit.

Then they grudgingly force themselves to "diet" to make up for these past indulgences. Why don't diets work? The answer actually is quite simple. Another is that diets are temporary. Fifteen billion dollars! If you had fifteen billion dollars to spend. Have you ever heard anyone say.

The sheer numbers should prove this to you. But the fact of the matter is that dieting doesn't work! It never has. How many diets have there been over the last twenty years? One hundred? If they really did work. If you jerk your body back and forth over and over again by dieting.

More than half of the nation is dieting or has dieted. Deprivation and bingeing become a vicious cycle. It usually causes you to binge later on. Over forty-four million Americans are considered to be clinically obese. But when I attack dieting. According to a Louis Harris poll. How can you possibly succeed on your diet when all you are thinking about is food? Depriving yourself is not the answer to healthy. It's like taking a metal rod and bending it over and over again.

They continue their search for that one panacea that will end—once and for all—their battle of the bulge. Temporary measures bring about temporary results. They then must readapt to old patterns when the regimen ends. When we go on a diet. In fifteen billion dollars were spent on weight-loss schemes in the United States alone. If diets worked. Many times their real cost is a person's well-being. Very few of us can be regimented suc- cessfully for long when it comes to food.

Do you want to be permanently slim or temporarily slim? Permanent measures bring about permanent results. Eventually it will become weak and break. I attack an American institution. Yet many people. What do you think about when you're on a diet? Just as I did. Why have they been on every diet? They've been on every diet without success because dieting is the wrong approach!

Diets fail because of the regimentation involved. After three years of driving myself crazy with diets. The cost to one's well-being from these has yet to be measured. Many diets merely rely on tedious calorie-counting.

Fit For: Harvey and Marilyn Diamond

I finally had had it. When the so-called authorities are at odds with one another. What I wanted to find was a course of study that would teach me how to acquire and maintain that slim and healthy body that I knew was inside of me. I overheard two rather healthy-looking individuals discussing the idio- syncracies of a friend in Santa Barbara.

That's what I did. I resolved to find an answer that would make sense to me. It is time to take con- trol and responsibility back from those who are arguing about who has the right answer. The fact is that that incredible amount is increasing by one billion dollars each year. Can they both be right?

Fit for Life

An- other plan says to eat whatever you feel like at the moment and then wash it out with pineapples and papayas. One popular diet says to eat mostly protein and very few carbohydrates. I finally gave up dieting. Yet another says to eat a small concoction of whatever you like. What we have is a new approach. What we have here is commonsense information that people can use to determine for themselves what is best for them.

Another equally popular diet says to eat mostly carbohydrates and very little protein. In spite of the new diets that come and go. It is obvious that people have had it with the diet mentality. The most dan- gerous of all is the latest diet craze that substitutes drugs and "nutritional powders" for real food. Since we have relied on diets so heavily in the past. One evening at a music festival two thousand miles from home.

And another says you should adhere to its program for only two weeks at a time. It is obvious that diets are not working. One more says to eat anything you can dream of. Confusion and frustration are rampant because most of the diets contradict one an- other. I was about to be introduced to a most extraordinary.

My ears perked up. Little did I know that I was on the brink of one of the most remarkable discoveries of my life.

One look at him and I knew he had to know something about how to take care of his body. Actually Natural Hygiene is a most remarkable approach to the care and upkeep of the human body. When he met me.

Jensen pseudonym used per request explained to me in a most concise. As I looked at his clear eyes. I know what that is. I lit right up like a Christmas tree.

In a matter of hours Mr. I thought. It all made so much sense to me that I was dumbfounded at its obvious simplicity. That sentence was my introduction to Natural Hygiene and the beginning of a most rewarding friendship.

The first time I heard the term. I was staring into the face of the healthiest person I had ever met. As it happens. I could not help but reflect on all of the health professionals 1 had sought advice from in the past who did not exemplify the physical ideal any more than I did.

Here was the information that 1 had known I would somehow find. I had the very good fortune to study with Mr. Jensen for the next three and a half years. And what an eye-opening experience it was! Not only did I have the daily benefit of his knowledge, but I acquired and read everything I could find on the subject of Natural Hygiene. I determined that the study, practice, and teaching of Natural Hygiene were going to be my life's work.

For several years I counseled people privately on how to use the principles of Natural Hygiene as a life-style, and I continue to do so. The hundreds of enthusiastic letters I received from people of all walks of life and all ages attest to the effectiveness of this way of eating. Early in I received a doctorate in nutritional science from the American College of Health Science in Austin, Texas, the only institution in the United States to grant a degree in Natural Hygiene.

One month after being introduced to Natural Hygiene, I had lost the fifty pounds that 1 had been wrestling with for so long. That was in I have not put any of that weight back on in all this time. And I love to eat. I'm one of those people who can put on a few pounds just by reading Gourmet magazine. The difference now, however, is that I have learned how to eat so I not only satisfy my desire to eat but also assist my body in maintaining itself at the weight that is most becoming to me.

I've learned to eat to live, not live to cat. In other words, I have not put the weight back on in all this time because I did not take it off with a diet! I altered my eating habits. That's what did it. Mind you, the loss of weight is only one of the benefits of the incor- poration of Natural Hygiene as a life-style.

A phenomenal increase in my energy and an overall feeling of well-being have also become welcome additions to my life. I never dreamed I could experience such a consis- tently high level of energy. I have such a surplus of energy all the time now, that some of my acquaintances find me annoying! As I pass forty years of age, I cannot help but be delighted at how much healthier I am now than I was when twenty-five!

And I owe it to Natural Hygiene. Natural Hygiene can trace its history to early Greece. Four hundred years before the birth of Christ, Hippocrates stated its philosophy accu- rately when he taught: Eight years later it established a library and provisions store in Boston, which could properly be called the country's first health food store. Quickly many other members of the medical profes- sion joined their ranks, wishing to add a more natural approach to tradi- tional medicine.

In Dr. Russell Trail formed a national hygienic association. Trail published The Hygienic System, a work that was very well received.

It preceded many works on Natural Hygiene, all of which taught the importance of diet in acquiring and maintaining a high level of health. One of the most well-respected and knowledgeable Natural Hygienists of our time is Dr.

Herbert M. Shelton, now retired, who from to ran a "health school" including a clinic, laboratory, and teaching program in San Antonio, Texas.

Shelton is generally considered to be the greatest oracle of Natural Hygienic philosophy, principles, and practice. He produced a wealth of literature with new findings and thoughts, and he added more to the science and art of Natural Hygiene than any other person. Shelton's words: Natural Hygiene is that branch of biology which investigates and applies the conditions upon which life and health depend, and the means by which health is sustained in all its virtue and purity, and re- stored when it has been lost or impaired.

Fry, the dean of the American College of Health Sci- ence, a most brilliant spokesperson for health. In his words, "Natural Hygiene is in harmony with nature, in accord with the principles of vital, organic existence, correct in science, sound in philosophy and ethics, in agreement with common sense, successful in practice, and a blessing to humankind. What precisely does "Natural Hygiene" mean? You were on the right track in the beginning if you thought of cleaning your teeth.

The word. It is the approach of understanding the effect that food has on the length and quality of one's life. Its focus is on prevention and healthful living. It teaches people how to eliminate the cause of their health problems rather than constantly battle the effects of continual violation of natural laws.

Fit for Life II

The underlying basis of Natural Hygiene is that the body is self-cleans- ing, self-healing, and self-maintaining. Natural Hygiene is based on the idea that all the healing power of the universe is within the human body; that nature is always correct and cannot be improved upon. Therefore, nature does not seek to thwart any of its own operations. We experience problems of ill health i. The most beautiful thing about Natural Hygiene is that it affords you the opportunity to control your weight by supplying you with useful tools.

Some of these tools are inborn: These are critical tools that we all have built-in, but for one reason or another as life goes on we rely less and less on these attributes. I can't count how many times I have heard people say, after hearing how Natural Hygiene explains a certain situation, "You know, I always kind of felt that's how it should be, but.

Through the passage of time their instincts were heeded less and less until they were not given notice at all. Many examples of how to use common sense, instincts, and logic to control your body weight will be presented throughout this book.

The greatest tool of all—indeed, the greatest gift of all—is the human body and the immense intelligence that directs it. The human body has to be nature's finest creation. It is unmatched in power, capacity, and adaptability. The intelligence inherent in our bodies is so vast that it is positively staggering. The human heart beats about one hundred thou- sand times every twenty-four hours.

Consider the fact that the heart and its pumping system, which scientists have attempted to duplicate without success, pump six quarts of blood through over ninety-six thousand miles of blood vessels.

This is an equivalent of sixty-three hundred gallons being pumped per day. That is almost one hundred fifteen million gal- lons in only fifty years. The six quarts of blood are made up of over twenty-four trillion cells that make three to five thousand trips throughout the body every day. Seven million new blood cells are produced every second! This pumping system has the capability of working nonstop for decades without skipping a beat.

And this is only the circulatory system! Consider the heat this machine must generate in accomplishing these functions, yet realize that it maintains a constant temperature of around The biggest organ of the body, the skin, is made up of over four million pores that are constantly acting as the cooling system for this machine. The digestive and metabolic systems have the remarkable abil- ity to transform the food we eat into healthy blood, bone, and cell struc- ture. Perfect balance is always maintained, and if it were off by only a small fraction, the balance would be destroyed.

The lungs succeed in supplying the blood with the oxygen it needs. A complex skeletal system furnishes a supporting framework to allow the body to stand upright and walk. The skeletal system works in harmony with an amazing muscular system that allows locomotion. This machine can astonishingly reproduce itself! The force and wisdom necessary to turn a fertilized ovum into a fully grown man or woman are beyond our comprehension. The five senses alone can stun the intellect. The list of activities performed by your body on a regular basis could fill a book.

At the helm of this pinnacle of perfection is the brain, overseeing all these miraculous activities, making sure everything is working with a precision that would make the work of a master watch- maker look clumsy. The brain consists of more than twenty-five billion cells that are the most highly developed of any known. Looking at an individual cell, you will be even more impressed. A single cell cannot be seen without a microscope, yet what goes on within a cell is astounding.

The wisdom of a single cell is said to exceed all the accumulated knowledge of the human race to date. Even the smallest cell in your body is about one billion times the size of its smallest compo- nent! The cell is the site of more chemical reactions than all the chemi- cal factories in the world combined. There are thousands of components in a cell: And no one on this earth can explain what makes an individual cell operate.

All the thousands of dif- ferent functions can be categorized, but the force behind these functions is beyond our comprehension. In other words, the innate intelligence of the body is infinitely more sophisticated than our thinking minds.

And to think there are over seventy-five trillion 75,,,, of these astounding cells working with pinpoint perfection for some sixty, seventy, eighty years, or more!

Inside each cell is a nucleus that contains chromosomes that contain. And inside genes is the stuff of life: DNA is what deter- mines what color your eyes are, or what fragrance a flower will have, or the iridescence of a bird's feathers. If you took all the DNA from all the genes of all your seventy-five trillion cells, it would fit into a box the size of an ice cube. Yet if all this DNA were unwound and joined together, the string would stretch from the earth to the sun and back more than four hundred times!

That's almost eighty billion miles! Let's use an analogy to help you understand the size of the numbers we are talking about and what cooperation of titanic proportions is necessary to coordinate them. Consider that there are some four billion inhabitants of the earth. Now, I realize that it would be difficult to envision even a few million of those inhabitants getting together and cooperating harmo- niously in all things. If that seems difficult, then imagine all four billion individuals on earth acting in unison.

As impossible as it seems, com- pared with the inner workings of the body, that is nothing! Imagine eigh- teen thousand earths, each with four billion inhabitants and every last one acting in unison. All have the same political beliefs, the same re- ligious beliefs, and the same intellectual beliefs, and all are working for the exact same goals.

There's more of a chance of the moon being made of green cheese. But that is precisely what the trillions of cells in your body do every day! One human cell in the laboratory, free from all bodily influences, will divide some fifty times before dying. If all our cells divided that often, we would reach a weight of more than eighty trillion tons! Only with such staggering thoughts as these is it possible to grasp some idea of the infinite intelligence necessary to coordinate the activities of such an astronomical number of cooperating cells.

As one last illustration, imagine yourself writing an extremely impor- tant letter to a friend, while simultaneously watching your favorite TV program and listening to a positive-mental-artitude tape.

How well will you perform these three functions? Probably not too well. Now, at the same time, prepare your dinner and wash the floor. Forget it. Trying to do those five tasks at the same time leaves no chance for any of them to be performed with any high level of efficiency. And that's only five ac- tivities. Your body is performing quadrillions of processes twenty-four hours a day! Not millions or billions or even trillions, but quadrillions!

And not haphazardly, but with pinpoint perfection, carrying on all the metabolic and life-sustaining processes of your existence. When we view the vasrness of the human body's faculties and processes, we must stand in awe of the enormous intelligence displayed. Considering these facts, is it at all conceivable that this truly magnifi- cent machine would be left without the mechanism to achieve a proper.

It is inconceivable. The same way a plant will reach for the light source from wherever it is located in a room, so your body will forever strive for perfection. As an automatic biological process of existence, just like breathing and blinking your eyes, the human body ceaselessly strives to be fit. The secret is to learn how to facilitate the process rather than thwart it. Every way we interact with our environ- ment affects our well-being, but in no other area of life are our biological needs violated more flagrantly than in our diets.

If you have a weight problem, there is no question that the food you are putting into your body is the major factor contributing to that problem. From every area of the healing profession, more and more information is coming to light concerning the relationship of food to your well-being. A letter from Dr. David Reuben to his fellow physicians in his best- selling book Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Nutrition said, "There is a whole category of substances that have a far more in- tense effect on our patients than drugs.

That category is food—and through no fault of our own, we have neglected that particular area of medicine. Our medical education neglected it, our internships neglected it, and our residencies neglected it. And for good reason—we had to take care of great masses of sick people. It is what you are going to eat from your dinner plate tonight. The role of such important factors as diet in cancer and heart disease has long been obscured by the emphasis on the conquest of these diseases through the miracles of modern medicine.

Treatment, not prevention, has been the order of the day. The health of individuals and the health of the population is deter- mined by a variety of biological, behavioral, and environmental factors. None of these is more important than the foods we eat! How fortunate! Now that it is finally apparent that the foods we eat, obesity, and degenerative diseases are very much interrelated, we can relate that discovery to an entire field of knowledge devoted to the effect of food on the human body.

It is interesting that the field of Natural Hygiene has existed in this country and been utilized by thousands of people for over a century and a half, and yet very few people have even heard of it. Very possibly you have never heard of it prior to this introduction.

During my seminars I ask every audience, "How many of you have ever heard of Natural Hygiene? It is strange that such a simple, practical, and successful area of health care is so un- known.

Aside from its not receiving very much attention in the media, the reason for its obscurity is that its principles have never before been capsulized into a viable program for people to utilize. What Marilyn and I have done is synthesize the basic fundamentals of Natural Hygiene into a series of commonsense, easy-to-follow dietary principles that facilitate the goal of eliminating obesity and alleviate the necessity for dieting.

According to Jack D. Trop, past president of the American Natural Hygiene Society which was formed in For some in-depth material, books, periodicals, and, in my opinion, the finest correspondence course on Natural Hygiene available anywhere, contact the American College of Health Science, D Burleson Road, Austin, Texas Going a little deeper now into the philosophy of Natural Hygiene, let's take a look at one of the more interesting phenomena of the human body.

An introduction to this phenomenon is necessary to learn how to take weight off easily and permanently. In all likelihood, though you may have dieted extensively in the past, you have probably never come into contact with a fascinating and intriguing concept known as. W What are these cycles? Most people are not even aware that they exist! Yet extensive research on these phys- iological cycles has been done, most notably by the Swedish scientist Are Waerland, by T.

Fry of the American College of Health Science, in writings on biological clocks by psychologist Gay Gaer-Luce, and by myr- iad researchers and scientists in their studies of the circadian rhythms. Information from these sources is the basis for our suggestion that the human's ability to deal with food relies on the effective functioning of three regular daily cycles.

These cycles are based on rather obvious functions of the body. To put it in its simplest terms, on a daily basis we take in food appropriation , we absorb and use some of that food assimilation , and we get rid of what we don't use elimination. Although each of these three functions is always going on to some extent, each is more intense during certain hours of the day.

The natural workings of your body have been thwarted. Our body cycles can become apparent to us if we simply witness our bodies in action. If that cycle is facilitated. In other words. Going later than lunch without food. Physiologically our bodies want to eat early in the evening so that at least three hours can pass. When we are sleeping and the body has no other noticeable work to do. You have extended the appropriation cycle far beyond its limit.

Since so many Americans eat a hearty breakfast. But for now it is sufficient to understand that those of us who are waging the battle of the bulge should be most concerned with the elimination cycle.

This program has been designed to return you to a life-style that is based on your natural body cycles. Since the food is not yet digested. As we proceed and you become more familiar with the principles that are the basis of the program. When we awaken in the morning. The regular eight-hour cycles have now been thrown into turmoil.

The reason that 62 percent of the people in this country are overweight is that our tradi- tional eating habits have consistently obstructed the all-important elimina- tion cycle. Is it any wonder that so many of us are carrying around so much excess weight? Understand that elimination means the removal of toxic waste and excess weight from your body.

Did you ever notice what happens if you eat late at night? How do you feel the next morning? When you awaken.

According to Natural Hygiene. Where does this toxic waste come from in the first place. So to lose weight. In the most easy-to-understand way it explained what was wrong.

The hu- man body is finely designed to stay in balance in terms of tissue building up anabolism and tissue breaking down catabolism. There have been many books subsequently written on toxemia. Tilden's book is considered the tour de force in the field of Natural Hygiene. Unlike all the "diet" books I had read.

Tilden explains that a situation of toxemia in the system lays the foundation for putting on excess weight. Tilden wrote a book entitled Toxemia Explained. Although this book addressed itself to the entire subject of health. An excess of one over the other is metabolic imbalance. For the first time I had the feeling that I could be successful in turning my waddle into a walk. This residue is toxic.

One is a normal. In this country we have the most peculiar habit of altering practically everything we eat from its original state before eat- ing it. Both demand energy for its removal from your body. Old cells are constantly being replaced by new cells. Adding to the problem. Because the food has been altered from its original state and we are not biologically adapted to deal with so much of this altered food. This is a normal. The second way toxemia is produced in the system is from the by- products of foods that are not properly digested.

So your body is building toxemia daily in two ways: In fact. If it isn't processed to death before we get our hands on it. We fry. That translates as overweight. As you are reading this page your inner body is not still. As far as your weight is concerned. Rather than a sufficient quantity of fresh foods dominating our dietary intake.

The first way toxemia is produced is through the process of metabo- lism. Where does it come from? And what can one do to minimize it? According to the precepts of Natural Hygiene.

When there is an 'The number of cells that need to be replaced each day depends on how much cooked or caustic food is in the diet. As long as there is a sufficient amount of energy at the body's disposal.

Imagine working in a large corporation where your job is to shred twenty boxes of written material and throw it away every day. This is what we saw could be de- veloped out of my study of Natural Hygiene: But where? If you have any kind of weight problem.

After only one week you have forty extra boxes. If you build more toxic waste every day than is eliminated from your body. Can you see how if you interfere even unknowingly with your elimination cycle.

Tilden was relating to his readers over half a century ago was this: Although the problem appears to be out of the individual's control. What Dr. That means in the thighs. Now let's say that because either you don't have enough time or you don't have enough energy.

It is simply a matter of understanding toxemia and doing what is necessary to remove the toxic waste that already exists in one's body and see that it is not accumulated at a more rapid pace than it is eliminated. Having this understanding. This was our concern. That means the next day you'll be delivered another twenty boxes—but you still have five boxes left over from the previous day.

Your body. Of course. These will have to be stored somewhere until they can be shredded. If you started on Monday and worked seven days a week. It will be stored in the fatty tissue and the muscles. Anyone can take control of the situation and direct it to whatever degree he or she desires. It is a simple physiological phenomenon that is not a mystery.

If the problem goes unchecked. Being able to shred only fifteen. This is a must for me personally. The first of these critical and vital tools that can help you realize your goal of permanent weight loss is. That was what prompted my wife. Eating remains a joy. So how do we maintain metabolic balance and accomplish the re- moval of toxic waste from the system while still enjoying our food? There are three easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow principles.

The most beautiful thing is that it's fun.

Now put the list away for a while. If you were on the moon looking down on earth. It wilts and dies. What do I mean when I say high-water-content food? Consider that we're living on a planet that is over 70 percent water.

If you haven't yet eaten your day's fare. In listing the foods eaten. As an absolute prerequisite of life. By the end of this chap- ter the list will serve as a powerful tool in making a certain important point.. From the moment you are born until you leave this planet.

Its importance is clear. The other 29 percent is land. I would like to invite you to participate in a simple and interesting exercise. If you can remember. The same would happen to your body if it were deprived of water.

List on a piece of paper everything you ate today. You know what happens to a plant when it is deprived of water. Concen- trated means that the water content has been removed. I am not saying you have to eat exclusively fruits and vegetables to lose the weight you want to lose.

They are fruit and vegetables. Anything else you eat is a concentrated food. I take vitamin-mineral supplements. I drink my eight glasses of water a day. Only two foods meet that requirement. The other 30 percent will con- sist of the concentrated foods: If the planet earth is 70 percent water. It's making use of your inborn sense of what is right. From the moment you are born until the last breath you take your body is craving this essential of life. Water transports the nu- trients in food to all the body's cells and in turn removes toxic wastes.

If your body is 70 percent water. The nutritional requirements are carried by the water in those fruits and vegetables into your intestines. When I say high-water-content food. I couldn't see any. But 70 percent of the human body is indeed made up of water.

When 1 first heard that. I am talking about two foods grown on this planet that naturally have a very high water content. Now let me ask you a commonsense question. Some of you might be saying. There are two extremely important reasons why we need this water. You must have water for survival. What I am saying is that since our bodies arc 70 percent water. If you go deeper into the planet and look at the animals of the class Mammalia. And this is what Natural Hygiene is about.

Some people might be saying right now. All the nutritional requirements that the human body has—all the vitamins. I found it very hard to believe.

If you are eating foods high in water content. That is how dirty it would become. The only way this can be done is by eating foods that are high in water content.

I'm talking about some peo- ple going for decades. In all likelihood. The outside of the body is washed. If you didn't. We eat in such a way as to clog them. It's only going to be so long before you take a bath or shower. What if the clothes that you're wearing right now were not removed from your body for six months!

You know. It is also a contributing factor to the fact that three out of four people in this country will develop some form of heart disease or cancer in their lifetime. Besides carrying nutrients into the body. You wouldn't do that. It's interesting that we eat in such a way as to not cleanse but pollute our bodies.

For our purposes. Drinking water won't do it. Same with your clothes. That is how dirty anything would become if it is not washed. What if you didn't wash your car for six months and it didn't rain? You would not be able to see through the window to drive. We don't want to be clogged up any further. Everything you have. In the quest to lose weight. Guess what one thing is not being washed and cleansed on a regular basis in this country?

The insides of our bodies! We eat and live in such a way as to never allow the insides of our bodies to be cleansed sufficiently. It's odd. One perfect way to do that is to cleanse them.

We must work with our bodies. I never took a coffee break. I didn't have a chance to take a bite before I went out of the house. Our food clogs our bodies. If there is a food that can't outrun us. It's very simple. We don't think twice about it. That's right. The reason there are two hundred thousand heart by- pass operations in this country every year is because people's arteries are clogged'.

If you truly want to be healthy and experience the body that you know you deserve to have. Am I eating a food right now that's going to cleanse me detoxify me. I would be willing to wager that few. I ran out of the house to the office. How many times have you heard someone say.

We will do anything for our taste buds. Most of the food we eat in this country is of a clogging nature. But now five o'clock rolls around. I was real late. I woke up this morning. Because we are given these miraculous.When I say high-water-content food. It doesn't require calorie counting. If you have any kind of weight problem. It will be stored in the fatty tissue and the muscles. But the fact of the matter is that dieting doesn't work!

ASHLEIGH from Peoria
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