in Greece and find an old temple called the House of Hades (or Pluto, as the .. In the western doorway, Roman and Greek demigods in full armour fought one. com/ At CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A FULL COPY OF THIS EBOOK OR VISIT WWW. The House of Hades (The Heroes of Olympus #4) At the conclusion of The Mark of Athena, Annabeth and Percy tumble into a pit leading straight to the.

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This books (The House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus) (Heroes of Olympus) [ DOWNLOAD] Complete, Free For The House of Hades (Heroes. The House of Hades - Rick Riordan - dokument [*.pdf] BOOKS BY RICK RIORDAN Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book One: The Lightning Thief Percy. PDF Books File The House of Hades [PDF, Mobi] by Rick Riordan Online for Free "Click Visit button" to access full FREE ebook.

In the preview, it is confirmed that Hazel Levesque will be one of the narrators.

Later Rick Riordan read a small exert from the book, revealing Annabeth Chase as another one of the narrators. The other five demigods have to put aside their grief and follow Percy's instructions to find the mortal side of the Doors of Death.

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If they can fight their way through the Gaea's forces, and Percy and Annabeth can survive the House of Hades , then the Seven will be able to seal the Doors both sides and prevent the giants from raising Gaea. But, Leo wonders, if the Doors are sealed, how will Percy and Annabeth be able to escape?

They have no choice. If the demigods don't succeed, Gaea's armies will never die. They have no time. In about a month, the Romans will march on Camp Half-Blood. The stakes are higher than ever in this adventure that dives into the depths of Tartarus. The Argo II has been relentlessly attacked for two days by rock gods called numina montanum in Latin or ourae in Greek. Leo Valdez defends the ship by firing celestial bronze canons at them.

Once his attacks fail, they fly away from the Apennine Mountains.

Leo wants to wake Frank Zhang , Piper McLean , and Jason up, but Hazel vetoes his idea because barely any of them have been able to sleep due to the attacks. The trio throw around suggestions on how to get over the mountains. Hazel prays to her dad to give her a sign of help and in the distance she spots Arion.

Hazel then tells Leo to get close enough to the ground where she can talk to Arion. Hecate tells her that her mother, Marie Levesque was gifted in magic. She tells Hazel that she will also learn sorcery, or the ability to manipulate the Mist , in order to save Percy and Annabeth.

Hecate shows Hazel the doorways, telling her to choose her path. The western doorway shows Roman and Greek demigods fighting one another on a hillside under a pine tree.

Hazel was riding Arion trying to stop the fight. The eastern doorway shows the Argo II above the Apennines, but the ship is badly damaged. The northern doorway shows Leo, Frank and herself severely injured. Percy and Annabeth lay unmoving. Now if no one died in this book And now on that wonderfully happy note I'm going toalk about Oh my gosh, is it sad that I wasn't expecting this? I'm not one of those people who have a mega-fangirl crush on Nico, yet I still didn't see the signs earlier in the chapter.

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I guess I just expected it to be more of a brotherly Percy thing, but I'm actually totally okay with the way it turned out. It was important, but Rick didn't make a huge deal of it. I think it was done very nicely, actually. We know you planted it. And how sneaky was it that he got rid of all the extra characters on that little "save the camps" quest.

I was wondering why if there were only supposed to be seven demigods, what the heck were Nico and Reyna doing hanging around. But he fixed it, and he got rid of Coach Hedge, who's going to have a baby! Yay, Coach Hedge we all love you! This was also really a book of answering fans questions. We learned Reyna's full name, Annabeth's birthday, and if Percy's pen actually writes. He did a good job of packing all of our ridiculous questions into the book in normal ways.

Way to go Rick! And how about that next title? Spooky right. I really like it. I just hope the cover isn't black, House of Hades is already dark enough that it would just look weird on my bookshelf.

Oh, I'm sure the cover will be amazing as always. I'm going to be really sad when it's all over, and just think, the end is only a year away And did anyone else get that creepy Barnes and Noble exclusive map of Tartarus. It's really weird. I hardly ever cry.

Even when I saw Titanic my eyes just got a little teary. But THIS! Probably that ever existed. It was 1: The only thing that made me feel just a tiny bit better was when Nico said that Percy was the best demigod ever and I was like: Percy's just better. So yeah, my heart is broken. Also, would I be alone if I said that I think Leo is going to play a huge role in the end of the series?

Just a guess. Also, I've read the last two chapters like 5 times already and might I say that they are equally as sad every time? The worst thing about the first time, though, was that it was SO unexpected. Annabeth trips and you're like "Percy will save her! They fall to their doom after a really cute moment. Rick isn't too cruel so Percy and Annabeth will probably make it but it's still super sad.

And to those of you telling Rick to write faster: I know! I don't want to wait either BUT considering that it takes some authors three years to write ONE book, he's actually pretty fast. I don't want to wait but we have to! And come on, you know the pain is actually really fun. It makes the book even better when you get it!

Plus it gives us more time to enjoy the series AND we still have 2 years until the end And it will all be over And I'll have nothing to do The cover. It's so creepy I honestly cannot stop staring at it. They look like zombies! I love it! Also, has anyone seen the U. I like how the U. I think they want us to think certain things. Now, the HoH covers show Annabeth and Percy in peril.

I likes it. Also, guys. Rick Riordan tweeted the link for the official unveil and on the link it said that the cover was a nice Percabeth moment. That sword is bronze NOT iron. Get a grip. I understand that you cannot see his eyes perfectly, but Please forgive me, but I don't think that there is too much hidden in this cover. Yes, I agree it is weird that their clothes are messed up.

I will give you credt on that because I don't know if it's spiderweb or prison clothes as some of you are suggesting or what. So come up with whatever predictions you want on that, it will not bother me. But people She is Rocking the hair ribbon. I'm really scared! It said Leo wonders, LEO. I'm sure though that if anyone dies Rick Riordan will do it right. Still, that will be a VERY emotional scene if it happens.

One last thing! On the U. At the end of MoA I was freaking out because her knife and laptop fell. I had hopes that they would find them in Tartarus. I am happy to say that with proof from the U. I'll probably be back for another update when we get the sneak preview in a few weeks. I know that it took me a really long to update what I thought, but trust me. I read it as soon as I had the chance. This first bit of The House of Hades is in Hazel's point of view.

I love every single characters in these books, and I'm glad that they are all getting equal chances to speak. The only reason that I have not talked about this chapter sooner is because I felt that there isn't much to say. It was fabulous and it set up the book for a ton of interesting things.

What is Hazel going to have to do when they get to the doors? How much does Nico know? Yes, there are many crazy questions raised and, as I said, it is an amazing first chapter. There just isn't as much to question in it as there was for both The Son of Neptune and the Mark of Athena.

Rick Riordan has done a great job as always and I cannot wait to read the rest of the book! What do you think book 5 might be called? I know that we won't find out until October, I was just wondering some of your opinions! View all 87 comments. My heart flutters when I'm reading this one because it is the fourth book and I will have to wait for the final book! D I am so excited what will happen to this series. He is so useful in this book! He's so awesome. I ship him to Calypso by the way but I don't have faith much in this two since Calypso is in her world.

I'm glad she is moving to help her friends. Her fight with ice-gods are awesome although her relationship to Jason still didn't improve, oh Piper dear, I think you are i My heart flutters when I'm reading this one because it is the fourth book and I will have to wait for the final book!

Her fight with ice-gods are awesome although her relationship to Jason still didn't improve, oh Piper dear, I think you are in the verge of heartbreak. I'm glad he has a numerous POV in this book!

They are so cute!

Such a matured couple. How could i forget this two? Drinking fire, getting help from Bob and Damasen, their love is so strong and i can't wait for book 5 for their happy ending. Oh, wait Reyna - Shes so awkward well that's expected Well, for the whole summary of my review, it is awesome. I can't wait for the book 5. View all 32 comments. Jul 18, Jayson rated it really liked it Shelves: Pulsating panic, its heroes mature by individual valor, personal pain, and facing down the monsters of memory lane.

View all 20 comments. Oct 12, Darlalala rated it it was amazing Shelves: I've finished House of Hades!!! It's like Rick derives pleasure from seeing us in pain. Do you have to rub it in?

But let's face it. We still love Rick Riordan no matter how troll he is. Anyway, on to the book. Rick stepped up his game in the House of Hades. It wasn't all action, wherein there is one explosive thing then the scene shifts to another one.

In the HOH, there are quiet moments where Rick lets his character grow and have more depth. During these moments the readers could know what kind of person a character truly is and I personally enjoyed these moments. Now I know what Jason really feels about being the golden boy. That he does not feel that perfect contrary to what the others perceive about him. I wasn't expecting it but I really liked Jason's chapters. He tries hard to build a rapport with his colleagues but unfortunately, he doesn't have the skills of Percy Jackson.

I can see why others don't trust him that much. Jason is supposed to be looked up to because he's the leader, being the son of Jupiter and all. But can I share my problems with him? Can he be a friend and not just a ruler who only thinks for the good of the quest?

Percy is a people person. Jason -- not so much. But hey, props to Jason for trying! Now I know that he can be a good friend. Also, I love that Jason and Percy are bros. Bromance overload!!! Maybe because she got only four chapters which is very fine with me lol. Piper is okay when she's not obsessing about Jason. She's actually pretty cool and kick ass, her charm being her most effective weapon.

I really wished that view spoiler [his romance with Calypso will be permanent. I mean it's about time he gets someone, a living creature, to love and will love him in return, not just his machines. Otherwise, that would be extremely lonely hide spoiler ]. He kind of matured in this book, no longer that silly, crazy demigod we all adored. Oh well, thats character development. Also, I like the Leo- Hazel friendship without the tension. Or maybe I just can't imagine Hazel being with anyone but Frank?

Hazel 's powers have grown here. She learned how to view spoiler [use the mist and bend it to suit her needs hide spoiler ] , that's pretty much impressive. I like her new friendship with Leo, and her relationship with Frank became more stable.

She bonded well with Piper too. I just wish that Nico would stop the self pity and realize that of all people, Hazel would accept him for who he is!! Anyway, Hazel has a huge part in finding the doors of death and can I just say that she really rocked figuratively the underground realm? It's like everything is possible when Hazel is in underground, view spoiler [she can even sort of teleport Leo, Percy and Annabeth!

I mean, it's really not fair. What's with the voices inside Frank 's head? I still quite dont get it but okay.. Ares is just a troublesome, childish war god. End of story. I do like the fact that Ares is generous with giving his 'blessing' to his children. Remember when Clarisse killed the drakon and had a red aura around her or something? Yea, that happened to Frank too.

But Frank has gotten some bonus points. He became taller and less pudgy. In short, he became hot lol. Heck, he even pins his centurion badge with everything he wears! Percy and Annabeth. Oh my heart is soooooo happy for these two. They've come so far! I really can't imagine one without the other. I think Annabeth was spot on: Percy was a lot more than that. Rick, Riordan. Their journey through Tartarus was one helluva ride.

It's their darkest adventure yet, and I think they wouldn't have survived if not for view spoiler [Bob. Maybe Damasen too but mostly it's Bob who had been their rock hide spoiler ]. The following might contain strong emotional outbursts. And the scene when Annabeth held Percy's hand while saying good luck to nico? That moment, i wanted to snatch Percy's hand from Annabeth and give her my 'Don't-you-have-a-heart-glare'.

Oh nico Well not everything about Nico is pure drama. There was a scene when Nico was so cute I wanted to bring him home lol. I hope he had more scenes like that. So that's it.

It may not be the same as the past series PJO , not that silly and juvenile, but the characters became more real to me. Goods job Mr. Rick Riordan, as usual. Now book five view spoiler [Blood of Olympus. Wow that sounds scary hide spoiler ] , please please come a little faster? At least make it on the first week of October!!! I know the ending of the House of Hades which I loved btw isn't much of a cliffhanger, but I still want to know badly what will happen.

He's the most angry and miserable character I've ever met, Akhlys and he would make a fantastic, albeit desperate, pair. I want Nico to have a peace of mind, he deserves it. Please Nico stop being angry and let people love you because believe me, a lot of us fangirls really really have a massive crush on you. Oh my gosh this is such a good book!!! I hope Rick would write another Percy series after the Heroes of Olympus.

I'm not ready to let Percy go. Oct 3, Look at this! But is my understanding of what he said correct? Sorry, I'm a little giddy I can't think straight lol. Percy and Annabeth are on the cover. It only means one thing. We'll be getting a POV from either of them! I'm guessing it would be Annabeth's.

But oh dear, they don't look good in the picture. They look so beat up. But at least they are together. Gosh that should be their.. Or slogan or whatever. I have a feeling we won't see Percy and Annabeth in this book.

If it's possible, we will see them on the last chapters already. We can only know what's happening to them thru demigod dreams and visions whatnot. I know, I know. This is unacceptable! Maybe Annabeth's POV will be included too? I just read Riordan's blog and he wrote this: They don't disappear from the story.

Whose POV we will be seeing? I don't like him that much. Through Piper's eyes we saw Jason as too perfect. Perfect is boring and not really believable, I mean there's a reason why most people root for the underdog right?

Also she compared Jason to Percy, and I din't like her comparison. That's definitely a plus. Jasper fans, no hatin' please: D I just wish the love story won't be the main plot, it's too cuddly for my taste. Oh well, another year of waiting for the House of Hades. I won't be seeing them for a long time. Just everyone. Recommended to Melanie by: The coolest person ever: The water was misery. The ground was broken glass. Everything here was designed to hurt and kill. I have never been a fan of including gifs.

Not only have I been dying for a year to read this, but also because right now, I'm a mess of emotions and words. I mean, I was already crying when my mum snagged a copy for me while I was at school the second the bookstore opened. Proceed onwards! However the task is not that simple, a war is brewing between the Greeks and Romans, Gaia is becoming stronger The House of Hades, second last book before the finale which has been named The Blood of Olympus has a little something for all types of readers.

Action, mythology, humour, romance, sacrifices, war and monsters are all present. And, trust me people; you will not be disappointed--no matter how high your hopes were, no matter how excited you were, no matter how much of your body you would sell for this. The House of Hades, has whopping 7 main characters and 2 sub-main characters.

It has always been my greatest concern that The House of Hades would make my brain hurt from attempting to distinguish apart such an ample number of personalities. Yet, I seriously love love loved the characters in this book. Percy, our hero since the beginning has never been more selfless and humorous. He may be kickass but he still has one big big heart--and a very funny personality. However I couldn't help but think that Bob the Titan, yes, Bob is back!

Percy had a little less due to his situation, a. Annabeth, wholly badass, full of hope and smart. Always with a plan. While Percy and Annabeth are in Tartarus, they face some of the biggest challenges and curses of their lives--their abilities are stretch to their maximum and above. I'll admit, their isn't as much as I was wishing for but Rick Riordan makes it the most realistic and every time they'd hold hands I was like Together, they make an ass-kicking team. Hazel was actually one of the more important ones in The House of Hades.

I grew rather attached to her, she's so determined to save everyone, so full of heart, so determined. I really wanted to tackle hug her. Leo, our cool guy with plenty of cute arrogance. Frank, lots of character development in this one, our shy and unsure one. Coach Hedge, we go a little more into his history and still and get plenty of his love for killing and butchering.

And Nico! Piper and Jason As usual. Not that they ruined my enjoyment of the book but I am just no fan. I do think, while Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus are full of fun and action, it's also been teaching me a lot of Greek Mythology and Roman Mythology along the way, in fact, I've become really interested in Greek Myths, and am planning to learn more about religion and mythology for my free electives at school which is exciting.

I am so, so grateful to have read this series. Some books, you read and love but they may not teach you as much as this one. Rick's books come with the extra of some knowledge. If an author can teach a bit of Greek Myths while writing an attaching story, I do believe that all MG and YA readers so give this series a go. View all 8 comments.

Aug 21, Elevetha rated it really liked it Shelves: Oh, geez. Oh, wow. Give it to me before I freak out. Too late. View all 30 comments. Dec 28, William rated it it was amazing. I CAN'T. That book was freaking amazing. Behold the actual dedicated page: Sorry about that last cliff-hanger. Well, no not really. But seriously, I love you guys.

You are officially my favorite author, the author who not only is able to transform a wonderful world of mythology into a gripping story that captures you from page one with wonderful characters that you all fall in love with, but an author who introduced me to the wonderful world of reading at the age of 10 with the Lightning Thief.

So many things happen in this book that just completely blow me away. First, the character development. You would think with over 7 important characters all uniquely different, an author would have immense trouble really connecting and developing the characters. Not only does he really go deep into intercharacter relationships and making sure you get to know them, he makes you fall in love with them. He makes you so emotionally invested in the characters that have you screaming in joy or gripping your book or in my case, Nook in terror out of fear something bad is going to happen to them.

He has you sobbing into your pillow, he's that good. On top of that, every single character development has a purpose, one that contributes and drives the story forward. Holy Hades, Nico. I can't go in anymore without spoiling it. I am going to be honest.

[PDF] The House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus, The, Book Four) Full Colection

When she was first introduced, she was honestly not one of my favorites. I was just like "ehh This book completely changes that. She becomes so awesome, not just personality wise, but power wise too.

Best combination ever. Same goes for Frank. He got more awesome. I'll leave it at that. I finally feel like there is some kind of closure for Leo that has been eluding him for like the past 3 books. And his romance?

The House of Hades

Oh my Lord, the world building continues to be phenomenal. I think I have learned more about Greek mythology from the Percy Jackson series than like anywhere. What is so refreshing about this series is that Rick Riordan doesn't just make up random things to complement his stories. It's just amazing. The descriptions, just everything ugh, is perfect. I really don't know what else to say that can give props to this book's world building and setting.

The plot is amazing, just in case you didn't know. It grips you, but Riordan's style of story telling just makes it impossible for the reader to like put the book down to go do work. But, Rick Riordan does something other than just create plot. He uses it as a mechanism to not just give characters meaningful growth, but the reader as well.

The messages he peppers in makes you nod in appreciation. All in all, I recommend this book for everyone. I am not ashamed to say that I am a senior in high school geeking out and having feels and emotional attacks while reading them, and I also am not ashamed to say that I probably will keep doing that forever and ever even when I am an adult. The Percy Jackson series are amazing. Rick Riordan is amazing.

This book is amazing. So go read it now. Fortunately, Rick Riordan does not end this book in a cliffhanger or I might have died. But, on a different note, I am also extremely sad and nostalgic that the next book will be the last in this series But I am happy to announce that I am here for the journey and will relish every moment of it.

Blood of Olympus, bring it on. Rick Riordan, I wait here im patiently for your next book in great eagerness and anticipation. In short, Update: October ? Apr 02, Kai rated it really liked it Shelves: Action, fun, more action, gods and monsters, legends and heroes, love, revenge and friendship. That is basically The House of Hades. All in all this was great. Sometimes I got a bit weary, the page count is quite big in this one.

When Percy and Annabeth realize that they are inside the physical body of Tartarus, the two begin their journey through the terrifying landscape toward their destination, the Doors of Death. Their goal is to close those portals. If they are successful, underworld monsters will be prevented from returning to the mortal world. Percy and Annabeth have two allies along the way, Bob a Titan and Damasen a giant. Damasen fights the powerful god Tartarus, knowing that he cannot win. Bob faces an army of monsters with only his cat, Small Bob, at his side.

The bravery and self-sacrifice of the two enable Percy and Annabeth to escape the body of Tartarus. Along the way, they face numerous enemies who are trying to keep them from reaching their destination.I didn't feel the excitement in this book, the humor, the comedy, and that just makes me sad!

Frank, Hazel and Nico, who was born in Venice and still speaks Italian , venture into the city and find it infested with anteater-like herbivorous monsters called katoblepones which were inadvertently brought into Venice from Egypt many centuries ago.

Who can hate him? Franks life depends on a burnt peice of wood, And Hazel, shes not supposed to be alive anyway. Other Editions The fog cleared. Welcome back.

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