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La fine del mondo storto (Oscar bestsellers) por Mauro Corona

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Beauty is a fundamental value, especially natural beauty which is without question a source of inner well-being. Contemplating a forest or a flower can contribute to improving the health of living beings.

Contemporary statistics support this claim in this connection see the essay by Eric Lambin, Ecologie du Bonheur. The landscape is a source of ethical and esthetic experiences: In a recent article, he affirms the essential role of landscape while commenting on the reflections of Ruskin: Ruskin is particularly eloquent in the English context.

Landscape reflects and determines the moral order and for this reason is a key site for social responsibility. When placed beside it, social and political institutions are obliged to measure themselves by the values of nature, beauty, and memory, and cannot renounce them without betraying themselves. From it comes the phrase, often attributed to Ruskin, that became the slogan for the protection of nature in Italy: Consequently, it can even determine the moral order of a community.

The landscape is often the product of an interaction between human and universal nature, bearing within it the traces of the ceaseless dialogue between nature and culture. Beauty is thus closely tied to ethics: We behold the landscape, but this landscape, in turn, beholds us.

Travel writing and ecology of looking [or gazing]]. For a more convincing vision of the oikos, new ways of looking must be invented that make it possible to assess the processes, so often contradictory, which place the environment in a post-natural condition, where everything that is not human is reduced to forms of lesser existence. Giving a voice to the hidden reasons for this wounded landscape means inverting the direction of our gaze, shifting the focus from humanity to our surroundings.

The oikos would in this way cease to be the background of human solitude and return to what its etymology suggests: Pierre Rabhi, philosopher and grower, who pioneered agro-ecology, shows that the path for healing the wounds of the landscape is the celebration of the earth.

There is no ethics without such a celebration. That is why Pierre Rabhi urges an immediate insurrection of consciousness, an inner change that is genuine and deep. If we want to see a change in the world, we must be the change we want to see, as Gandhi said, and begin by changing how we look at the world.

We can change our view of the world by actively educating an ecological citizenry, and this chiefly and particularly must begin with the new generations.

Making people understand the rights which nature herself has, allows the blossoming of a necessary dialogue between the human and the non-human, between humanity and the biotic community to which we all belong.

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Creating a channel of mutual comprehension can contribute to the transformation of our gaze. Adopting a point of view that totally revolutionizes our way of thinking about the relations between the human and the non-human, the essay of Matthew Ricard, Plaidoyer pour les animaux , helps us realize the immense suffering we cause animals through our blind exploitation of the biosphere.

Every year some 60 billion land animals and 1 trillion aquatic animals are killed: In other words, we can conceptualize the act of eating with compassion, since everything that constitutes us, including our food, has an impact on our mind and our collective consciousness. Respecting such rights guarantees the preservation of the sacred bonds that unite us with the natural world. The Biotic Community: When we clearly perceive the functioning of this living community bios , we will respect its other members, since we grasp the direct ties that unite us.

The American philosopher John Baird Callicott picks up the ideas of Leopold having to do with ecological thought, developing in particular a holistic vision based on an ethics of the earth. Baird Callicott calls attention to the highly central role that philosophy can play in the radical transformation of our vision of the world and of our actions: Twentieth-century philosophy has suffered from physics envy…The global landscape has become thoroughly mechanized and saturated with all sorts of synthetic substances…The physical sciences have looked to the very edge of the universe, to the beginning of time, and into the 7 Cf.

In the course of that looking, our most fundamental ideas of space, time, matter, and motion, and the nature of our knowledge thereof have been radically altered. What role can ecological thought and environmental ethics play in the preservation of the planet? Callicott underscores the importance of the idea of community in order to grasp fully the land ethic elaborated by Aldo Leopold: Consideration for the community implies respect for the other members, and also respect for the community as such.

Rachel Carson in the essay Silent Spring described a crisis at the local level precipitated by the presence of smog, the use of pesticides and of oil. Essays in Environmental Philosophy Albany: SUNY Press, , p.

Philosophy can play a major role in the process of transformation to a new paradigm based on a new way of looking at the biotic community. Postmodern thought has undertaken this phenomenon of transition from the old to the new paradigm: A postmodern theory establishing the intrinsic value of nature is difficult to work out, because we live in a period where the transition to modernity toward something else is a process that is for the most part unfinished.

What is certain is that we imagine it from the perspective of the new physics or that of literary theory: Here is how the Australian ecologist John Seed explains this process of being implicated and identifying with every form of life on the earth: Alienation subsides….

Today ecocriticism is opening up avenues of studies which are not content to remain confined to the academic sphere. These new materialisms are rediscovering a theory of matter that takes into account both, quantum theory Barad and 10 Baird Callicott, In Defense of the Land Ethic: SUNY Press, p.

For bibliographic reference, see n. Matter is not an inert thing. Matter is alive e.

As a result, it exerts considerable influence, especially in the long term, on the totality of the biotic community. In addition, our bodies are porous. There exists a fundamental transcorporality revealed in the continuous exchanges between cells and matter, between bodies and energy.

Women today no longer look to reproduce the conduct of the dominant masculine model, since this has already demonstrated— through its aggression toward nature—the negative impact on the biotic community.

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On the contrary, women, who are more immediately connected to life, have led the struggles for the protection of the biosphere in many countries the world over. Lightness One can imagine that living with a light heart and a light footprint would lessen the impact we have on the environment and the biotic community.

Our daily routine of life could change how we consume, how we live in the world, since we can learn how to live with less running around and, most importantly, we can learn to be content with what we have. We can become more acquainted with rejoicing.

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Our consciousness is always able to produce well-being and joy, even if it is only becoming aware of how lucky we are to be breathing, to be alive within a community of living beings. The ecology of spirit, the development of full awareness, can lead to a profound transformation in all of us, without which there will be no evolution in the relations between the planet and humanity.

The teaching of ecology and of non-violence is the starting point for the transformation of the way we look at nature and the non-human. This groundbreaking project aims to be a response to the question: They can learn gardening, husbandry and cheese-making, the cultivation of cereals and how to turn them into bread; they learn about nutrition and food preparation, energy and recycling, and other very concrete processes that are part of the official program.

Such a direct link allows the child to see his or her learning experience as meaningful.

The student understands quite clearly that everything he or she learns has some use beyond the schoolyard. The children have a direct relationship with living things to learn a way of life that respects not only the planet but also the human beings who spend their lives on it, and thus they develop a sense of interdependence and ecological responsibility.

The other fundamental question is: The organization Kokopelli has labored for years to protect and to spread seeds in order to combat the multinational agro-food corporations. Terre et Humanisme, the foundation of Pierre Rabhi, initiates and coordinates projects in the area of agro-ecology at the global level. Navdanya, the organization started by Vandana Shiva in India, looks to protect small farmers and preserve the thousand-year-old knowledge of seed reproduction.

Negawatt, an organization of experts created for energy transition, aims to transform the way we look at the production and the consumption of energy Barniaudy. There is not enough space in this article to cite the impressive number of initiatives at the global level, all the collective projects which aim to transform the relations between humanity and nature: Care having a sense of awareness, is it not, above all, loving, caring, and a feeling of wonder?

Carol Gilligan has shown how our society could not exist without the disinterested attention, or care, we give to the most fragile and vulnerable beings. Can we imagine, even for a moment, a school or a hospital functioning without the kindness of a smile offered by most teachers and administrators or health-care workers?

In fact, our work is not limited to our functions: For the first time in history, the role of women appears at the philosophical level with utter clarity: Without their love and devotion, society as a whole could not function, especially in poor countries where there exist no free social services for the most vulnerable. A land ethic presupposes a relation of love and of admiration for all natural phenomena. Aldo Leopold clearly states this idea in his writing: It is inconceivable to me that an ethical relation to land can exist without love, respect, and admiration for land, and a high regard for its value.

By value, I of course mean something far broader than mere economic value; I mean value in the philosophical sense….

The typical modern human being is separated from the earth…. He has no vital relation to it. It is an irony of history that the great powers should have discovered the unity of nations at Cairo in The geese of the world have had that notion for a longer time, and each March they stake their lives on its essential truth…By this international commerce of geese, the waste corn of Illinois is carried through the clouds of the Arctic tundra, there to combine with the waste sunlight of a night- less June to grow goslings for all the lands between.

And in this annual barter of food for light, and winter warmth for summer solitude, the whole continent receives as net profit a wild poem dropped from the murky skies upon the muds of March p.

Salvatore Settis, who has been fighting for many years in defense of the landscape, evokes in a speech the essential role of action by the people, which was anticipated by Roman law and which a few states today have reintroduced into their constitution.

In other words, the people have the right to approve, or to veto, the development of their lands and their living space, to accept or to reject the installation 15 Original in Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac, p.

In his book Steps to an Ecology of Mind, Gregory Bateson, one of the founders of ecological thought, denounces particular tendencies within the social sciences that could constitute a real danger for society as a whole.

Through the use of social psychology and statistics, the social sciences end up serving special interests looking to manipulate public opinion. Human beings have created, little by little, what are in effect inhuman organisms in the domain of administration. Committees, diverse assemblies…can reach, through the democratic process, decisions fatal to humanity.

They are collections of parts of persons. That is why organizations in defense of the environment can play a major role in the protection of the health of citizens. Mauro Corona racconta in questo romanzo le. Jaca Book Claudio Morandini, autore di piccole storie di montagna Neve, cane Da anni ormai Mauro Carbone, professore di Estetica Ad attenuare le Sopra: la deposizione della corona Potrei continuare questo percorso sulla storia e il significato Etimo Deriva da Mauro accompagnato dalla preposizione articolata.

Mauro di Romagna FO il 25 marzo , muratore. Un eccidio a Bolzano - Comune di Bolzano ; del Progetto Storia e memoria: il Lager di Bolzano una diffusa conoscenza sul tema della memoria a Bolzano, che ha A Bolzano Alpini di Cogne, dopo la deposizione della corona di alloro presso il monumen Mauro Caniggia Nicolotti, Presidente dell'Associazione, del L'area della Cupa nelEvery category of desktop software and mobile apps, including security, utilities, games.

TeamViewer Portable generally comprises all the features of the full version of TeamViewer without the need to install anything. Philosophy can play a major role in the process of transformation to a new paradigm based on a new way of looking at the biotic community. Qu'est-ce que le care? A postmodern theory establishing the intrinsic value of nature is difficult to work out, because we live in a period where the transition to modernity toward something else is a process that is for the most part unfinished.

Before Single Edit 4: Le nostre vite senza ieri expands on the topics of the previous work and reconsiders some of its implications. Example: Riley Taylor. Beauty Nature is full of infinite reasons that were never given in experience.

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