download The SAP APO Knowledge Book - Supply and Demand Planning by Wolfgang Eddigehausen (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store. Everyday. The document “The APO Knowledge Book – Supply and Demand Neither SAP, nor any other company mentioned in this publication is. Title, The SAP APO Knowledge Book: Supply and Demand Planning. Author, Wolfgang Eddigehausen. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, Square One International .

The Sap Apo Knowledge Book

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The SAP APO Knowledge Book - Supply and Demand Planning by Wolfgang Eddigehausen, September 6, , Wolfgang Eddigehausen. Wolfgang Eddigehausen is the author of The Sap Apo Knowledge Book Supply And Demand Planning ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews) and Understanding. Informationen zum Titel»The SAP APO Knowledge Book - Supply and Demand Planning«von Wolfgang Eddigehausen [mit Verfügbarkeitsabfrage].

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SAP APO Knowledge Book

Plus, we regularly update and improve textbook solutions based on student ratings and feedback, so you can be sure you're getting the latest information available. The Developer Stream is more aligned with system requirements, as is to a large degree the Specialty Stream. My First Plan 6 1. Unlike SNP, where one can start straight away using the delivered system, we need to go through quite a lot of steps beforehand.

These prep rational steps are not required in a live environment but going through them provides a very good chance to understand the system much better. Preparation and Basic Setup Set up a DP environment with all required entities such as planning area, planning book, and forecast profiles.

Basic Usage In this block univariate forecasts are carried out and several parameters of the forecast profiles will be investigated. It also provides an introduction to the maintenance of proportional factors. Promotion Planning Planning promotions is vital in most industries and part of this block.

Advanced Usage The main emphasis is the usage of multiple linear regression as well as the integration with other APO modules. A total of 10 key figures are defined, of which 4 are stored in the InfoCube. For these InfoCube based key figures, sample data is provided in a spreadsheet, which can be loaded into APO. Please note that the spreadsheet needs to be saved as a comma delimited file before it can be used for uploading.

The spreadsheet contains data for various products, locations and planning versions.

SAP APO Certification Exam Syllabus

The planning granularity is weeks and months. The planning area supports standard i.

Data is displayed in the planning book using a telescoping planning buckets profile for historical and future data. The planning book, which is created for the exercises is basic, but supports all normal planning activities. The master forecast profile supports all types of forecasts. Both are defined with fixed dates that are aligned with the provided test data.

All master data is aligned.

Product details

My First Plan 8 1. Create Info Objects 2. Create Info Object Catalog 3. Create InfoCube 4. Load InfoCube 5.

Create Storage Buckets Profile 6. Create Master Planning Object Structure 7. Create Planning Area 8.

Create Characteristic Value Combinations 9. Create Planning Buckets Profile Planning Book Design Create Forecast Profiles 1.

Create Info Objects Info Objects are the main elements of any planning area. They are used to define characteristics and key figures of planning areas, irrespective of the way the data is stored i.

The first step is to create these Info Objects. If this is not the case, it needs to be created.

Create the following Info Objects as described with dd being your initials. The entries might not be in alphabetical order.

any good books on SAP APO?

If the Info Area does not exist, follow these tasks else proceed to the next step. Press the pushbutton Shift F8 on the button bar. Specify the Info Objects listed below, select their type and press the pushbutton.

Press and after the creation of each characteristic. Reference Char.

This is an optional step. Browse the Book Browse the Book. Print edition. A blend of big-picture descriptions and step-by-step instructions, this book covers everything from configuring SAP APO to using it for interactive, characteristic-based, and collaborative planning. Translate your demand and supply requirements into technical processes by following along with an in-depth case study.

Everything you need to know in one place! About the Book About the E-book pages, hardcover, 2.

Reference book format 6. Printed black and white on 60 offset paper from sustainable sources. Casebound for durability. Reader-friendly serif font Linotype Syntax 9.

One-column layout.Create Product Master Finished Goods Highlights include:. Release to SNP My First Plan 1. Create Master Planning Object Structure Initialize Planning Version Cement a foundation in basic sales and operations planning principles to support weekly and monthly planning cycles.

Knowledge base Collective knowledge fused together for instant reference The bigbyte knowledge base contains a wealth of information about optimizing your supply chain, learning about SAP Add-On Tools, and informative videos about improving your supply chain. Define Promotion Settings Including online book edition in dedicated reader application.

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